If there’s just one group on campus that acts like a family, it’s the Chamber Singers. “We’re such a tight-knit group,” says Chloe Gearhart, a sophomore from Newton. “It’s a great place to make friends.”

The Chamber Singers are a subset of the A Cappella Choir, with 16 members chosen by Mark Babcock, director of choral activities and associate professor of music. In addition to touring with the A Cappella Choir every year, the Chamber Singers perform 15 or 16 times a semester in different locations around Iowa.

Ian Michel, a junior biology and Spanish major from Decorah, says the group helps take his mind off the stress of classes. “Singing is very therapeutic,” he says. “But at the same time, I’m challenged intellectually every day.”
The Chamber Singers often lend their voices to official events around campus, like the Heritage Day Luncheon and the Convocation on the second day of class. Before that event in August, Babcock told the group how special the invitation was. “They’re not asking a biology class to come up here to inspire everyone. When we want ceremony and depth, we look to the arts.”