Dan Peacock '14 - Success Story

Major: Political Science, Spanish

When I was a kid, my role models were Michael Jordan and the Power Rangers. Michael Jordan, because I loved basketball and wanted to play for the Bulls. The Power Rangers, because they always stopped bad guys from hurting people. True, I also thought it would be cool to have a battle suit, motorcycle and giant robot.

I’ve gone through many dream occupations since then as my passions and interests have changed. Now, as a sophomore at Central, I’m planning to major in political science and Spanish. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school and then practice law. I’ve always been interested in the judicial process and how the law is interpreted, and I love to argue.

I picked Central because of its academic reputation and soccer program. I've been obsessed with soccer since I was eight and I love to have the opportunity to play.  I have also taken on a leadership role in the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. We bring important issues student athletes face—such as balancing schoolwork and athletic life—in front of the athletic director and other faculty members.

And there’s always room for fun—my favorite experience at Central so far was last year’s Lemmings Race. It was hysterical to dress up in crazy costumes and charge into the pond with my friends.

I would not have had these great experiences and opportunities anywhere but Central, and I know donors like you have made it all possible for me.

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