Regan Jamison '13 - Success Story

Major: Biology

As a kindergartener, I would come home from school and work hard at my “homework,” even though I had none. When I’d tired of that, I would dress up like my teacher and teach my parents the day’s lessons. I was the kind of kid who just loved to learn—about everything—and I still do.

I believe education should be an adventure, not a script. For me, this means not confining my curiosity to my majors of biology and secondary education. Central College shares this philosophy with me. It’s really not chance that I ended up here. The people at Central are committed to my educational and personal development, and a generous scholarship has helped make the Central experience possible for me.

I can’t believe the opportunities I’m offered at Central! In addition to my work for my majors, I’ve had the chance to participate in orchestra, soccer and campus ministries. And my learning hasn’t been limited to campus. On my two alternative spring break trips in the Moab desert and on the tropical ecology program in Belize and Costa Rica, I saw what I’d learned in the classroom come alive.

And that little girl who used to long for real homework? Well, she’s thinking she might want to spread her love of learning to others and become a high school biology teacher. With the Central Teacher Academy, I’ve had the chance to get real-life classroom experience at Pella High School.

But I know all of the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow at Central started with my scholarship, which was made possible by alumni like you. When I graduate, I hope to help ensure that future students have the same opportunities I’ve had by giving to the Journey Scholarship Fund.

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