Lupita Aquino '14 - Success Story

Major: Psychology
Minor: Cultural Anthropology

Coming to Central College from Santa Cruz, California, was a huge change for me. Because of my background, I am most passionate about advocating for tolerance and a more diverse community. I’m an intercultural educator at Central, which means I work to plan events that will spread awareness for the need of diversity on campus. Along with my fellow educators, I want to give students the tools to thrive in a globalized, culturally diverse world.

I thank Central for helping me learn to keep an open mind and giving me the opportunity to become an active citizen in our Central community. I’ve also had the chance to enhance my French and Spanish skills with the international language assistants—native speakers who are always there to help me practice. This year I have study abroad in France, so these sessions have servee me well!

As someone who values diversity on campus, I know how important it is for Central to have scholarships available for students of all economic statuses. The experiences I’ve had at Central, as well as my scholarship, were made possible by alumni gifts.  Thank you!

When I graduate, I plan to join the Peace Corps for two years and then enter either law school or attend a graduate psychology program. Wherever I end up, I hope to contribute to Central, so future students can have the same opportunities I’ve had.

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