“You guys provide a great service. I love that I can get free copies, attend special cultural events, and talk to someone if I have problems with homework. You are all great people!” —Tricia Schoon

“I think that SSS is a great program that goes out of its way to help students in and out of the classroom. I really enjoyed David Copperfield also!” —Brandon Fry

“SSS is awesome! I love all of the help it has given me. I just hope this program continues for my years at Central. I honestly would have a hard time without it.” —Diana Carr

“SSS is excellent. I can’t say enough good about them! Without their support, staff to talk to, tutors, and fun activities, I would have never made it through my freshman year!” —Katie Elsberned

“I absolutely love the cultural experiences (David Copperfield & Mama Mia, etc). I also got a lot of help from peer tutors--great program!” —Jeni Winters

“The people who work in the Student Support Services office are the nicest, most helpful people! I truly appreciated their dedication and desire to help students reach their goals and overcome adversity. The open houses, cultural experiences, and services provided were also very interesting, informative, and helpful. I highly recommend the program for incoming freshman!” —Jessica Dunnick

“SSS offers beneficial services in a variety of areas in order to meet the needs of all their students. The faculty is the greatest asset to the SSS program!” —Josie Stephens