Health and wellness are Central. With the addition of fitness equipment in the wellness center on the lower level of the Maytag Student Center, the college will have facilities conveniently located at each end of campus.

For health services, Central College has partnered with Pella Regional Health Center (PRHC) to provide patient care. The hospital and clinic are conveniently located within a mile of campus. Students who do not have access to a vehicle may contact 641-628-9000 to make arrangements for transportation to and from their appointments.

Students will be able to access care at PRHC in three ways:

Students should bring a list of immunizations, allergies, prescribed medications, and chronic conditions as well as their insurance card with them to each clinic appointment/hospital visit. Directions to Pella Regional Health Center can be located here.

With the new Maytag Student Center comes a new coordinator who will oversee the center, offer personal fitness assistance/suggestions, and work with the wellness educators to provide educational and developmental opportunities for students.

Dean of students Charlie Strey ( is the college’s liaison with PRHC and can assist students with questions or concerns about accessing health services.