• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles

Athletics Hall of Honor

Jeff Verhoef
Jeff Verhoef '80
Central career scoring leader
Athletics Hall of Honor charter member

2002 inductees
Vern Den Herder; Football, men's basketball
Dr. Camilla Ratering McCalmont; Women's cross country, women's track and field
Ron Schipper; Head football coach, athletics director
Dick Schultz; Baseball, men's basketball, football
Richard "Babe" Tysseling; Baseball, men's basketball, football, track and field
Jeff Verhoef; men's basketball

2003 inductees
Dr. Richard Dykstra; Football
Gertrude Beintema; Athletic department office manager
Marcie Thurn Rohach; Women's track and field
Clarence Wilkins; Men's basketball
Brian Goldsworthy; Men's Golf

2004 inductees
Denise Boll Baker; Women's basketball
Dr. Kenneth Weller; Central College president
Dana Snoap; Men's basketball

2005 inductees
Tom Stone; Football
Nancy Cisar Wright; Women's track and field
Scot Storjohann; Football, wrestling

2006 inductees
Laurie Sutten Flynn; Softball, women's basketball
Joe Jaspers; Men's golf, men's basketball
Scott Lindell; Football
Lori Nolte; Women's cross country, women's track and field

2007 inductees
Eldon Schulte; Football, basketball, men's track and field
Lisa Broek; Track and field
Rich Thomas; Football

2008 inductees
Harold De Bie; Men's basketball
Bruce Heerema; Football, men's track and field
Christi Van Werden; Softball, women's basketball

2009 inductees
Dick Bowzer; Football, men's basketball, men's tennis, coach
Kim Doyle; Women' s golf
Mark Muyskens; Men’s cross country, men’s track and field
Jamie Mahnke Zyzda; Softball

2010 inductees
Gary Boeyink; Head women's basketball coach
Emilie Hanson Brown; Women's basketball
Jeff Blythe; Football

2011 inductees
Rich Kacmarynski; Football
Shannan Mattiace; Women's tennis
Kevin Sanger; Football, track and field

2012 inductees
Jack Walvoord; Men's basketball
Emily Grimes Rottinghaus; Softball
Tim Hackel; Wrestling
Jon McGovern; Wrestling

2013 inductees
Mark Kacmarynski; Football
Brian O'Donnell; Football
Cindy Kline Olson; Women's golf
John Bermel; Men's golf

2014 inductees
Megan Clayberg; Volleyball coach
Rick Sanger; Football, track and field
Jeff Schneekloth; Men's tennis

2015 inductees
Abbie (Brown) Sogard; Volleyball
Randy Busscher; Football
Jason Christenson; Wrestling
Chris Hulleman; Football

2016 inductees
Candace (Wilson) DuRegger; Volleyball,
Al Dorekamp; Football, baseball
Rick Perry; Football, basketball


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