Strength & conditioning

  • Only Division III program with two full-time strength coaches
  • Strength and conditioning major
  • Strength/conditioning coaching internship program

Single Leg Rack Squat

  • Set a box to stand on next to a squat rack or anything that is firmly attached to the ground and will not move.
  • Stand on the box, grab on the rack with both hands and raise one leg straight out keeping the knee locked out at 180 degrees.
  • Squat down into the parallel position keeping your other leg straight and off the box. Your hands will remain on the rack for support and also to aid in raising your body if need be.
  • As you squat down be conscious of the position of your squatting knee in relationship to the toe. Do not allow your knee to go forward out past your toe.
  • Focus on sitting with your hips back and the weight on your heel throughout the entire movement.


Central College