Strength & conditioning

  • Only Division III program with two full-time strength coaches
  • Strength and conditioning major
  • Strength/conditioning coaching internship program

Hang Snatch

Start Position:

  • Feet under the hips (like stepping into a vertical jump)
  • Slight bend in the knees
  • Hands outside the legs (wider grip than Hang Clean)
  • Chest out and shoulder blades pulled tightly together

Transition to the Power Position:

  • Maintaining the same bend in the knee you will slide your hips back (like the first part of an RDL)
  • Keep the bar against the legs the entire time

Power Position:

  • The bar will be right above the knee
  • Back is still locked in with the shoulder blades pulled tightly together.
  • Chest is over the barbell
  • Arms remain locked out

Jump Shrug/Triple Extension:

  • Once the bar hits the knee you will take an aggressive vertical jump while shrugging the shoulders.
  • The force you produce against the ground will cause the bar to come right up along side the body. Be sure to keep the bar close to the body at all times.
  • The elbows will not bend until your body is fully extended at the ankle, knee and hip.

Overhead Support Position:

  • After you achieve full extension you will drop under the bar overhead with the arms fully locked out. The bar will be directly over your center of gravity as you catch.
  • Make sure to land in an athletic position; bending at the ankle, knee, and hip.


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