Strength & conditioning

  • Only Division III program with two full-time strength coaches
  • Strength and conditioning major
  • Strength/conditioning coaching internship program

Strength and conditioning internships

Central College provides a unique and advanced program to students interested in gaining experience as a strength and conditioning coach. By serving as an intern, students can receive academic credit through Central’s exercise science department. The curriculum includes advanced videos, professional articles and books about strength and conditioning. Interns also gain hands-on experience, working with the student-athletes we train on a daily basis. Our goal is for students to apply what they have learned through their coursework and personal study to the actual setting in which they’ll work.

After successful completion of the program, a strength and conditioning intern will be able to:

  • Teach all of the movements involved in our program. This includes the hang clean, hang snatch, front and back squat, push press, push jerk, split jerk, DB and BB lunge, bench press, incline press and glute/ham raise, among others.
  • Lead a group of athletes as they come in for their training program. This includes their warm-up, flexibility training, torso training, plyometrics, lifts, post workout movements and post-workout stretch routines.
  • Understand sport nutrition as well as how to evaluate an athletes’ nutritional evaluation.
  • Understand program design and implementation for a variety of athletics teams throughout various phases of their training (in-season, off-season, pre-season).

Through this experience the prospective strength coach will be ready to lead a group of athletes and develop programs. It is our goal to help place each student intern with a graduate assistant opportunity.

"Launching Strength Coaches to Change the Lives of Athletes"

Central College