• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 31 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 161 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles

Central College Student-Athlete Advisory Council

Mission of Central College SAAC

The Central College Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) is comprised of at least two student-athletes from each sport, along with student representatives from athletic training and the cheerleading squad. The purpose of the Central College SAAC organization is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by fostering a positive student-athlete image; within the Dutch teams, the Central College campus community and in the greater Pella community. SAAC, which is mandated by the NCAA and the Iowa Conference, encourages open communication and discussion between coaches, administration, and student-athletes. SAAC will serve as the voice of the student-athlete on campus and provide valuable insight into how College and NCAA policies may affect them. Supporting the principles and beliefs of the NCAA Division III, Central College and the athletic department are important guidelines of the Student Athletic Advisory Council.

Team/representative responsibilities


  • Each team shall provide at least two SAAC representatives. 
  • Each team will be responsible for leading a SAAC sanctioned activity, led by their representative.
  • Each team will be assigned a Brother/Sister team for the year requiring at least 2 Acts of Kindness for the school year. Examples include, but are not limited to; chalking sidewalks, goodie bags, posters for event, mass attendance at a game, etc.


  • Each member serves as a liaison between the council and his or her individual team, therefore attendance and participation at monthly meetings is expected. The representative is expected to report back to their team on SAAC discussions.  Meetings will be held once a month.
  • Each member will be responsible for sharing their team updates at each meeting. 
  • Each member will be responsible for organizing their team to run a SAAC sponsored activity.

SAAC Activities

  • Fall and Spring Blood Drive
  • Penny Wars – (money donated to a cause determined worthy by membership)
  • Brother/Sister Fall or Spring Get together
  • Can Drive at the holidays
  • Spring Break Supplies Drive
  • SAAC Service project – Habitat for Humanity
  • SAAC bulletin board Updates
  • Halftime events for football, basketball or soccer
  • IIAC sponsored Leadership Conference
  • IIAC SAAC Meeting

2014-15 SAAC leadership council

  • Riley Gray, football
  • Adelmo Marchiori, men's soccer
  • Mallory Welk, women's cross country/track and field
  • Dakotah Wolken, baseball
  • Mason Zimmerman, men's track and field

Team representatives

  • Athletic training - Rachel Evans / Kaitlyn Gillett

  • Cheerleading/Dance - Shannon Coulson / Angie Tinker

  • Baseball - Michael Reuter / Dakotah Wolken
  • Men's basketball - Nate Munn / Colby Taylor

  • Men's cross country - Cole Decker / Karl Weaver

  • Football - Aaron Eiseler / Riley Gray

  • Men's golf - Walker Adams / Sean Rennich

  • Men's soccer - Calvin Bill / Jeremy Dolder / Adelmo Marchiori

  • Men's tennis - Josh Forst / Tim Kahl / Chris Kosmicki / Collin Schares

  • Men's track - Spencer Hammack / Austin Roberts / Mason Zimmerman

  • Wrestling - Sam Apland / CJ Pestano

  • Women's basketball - Emily Dine / Lauren Sharp / Kaitlin Stump

  • Women's cross country - Callie Aunan / Mallory Welk

  • Women's golf - Allison Kretzinger / Valorie Taylor

  • Women's soccer - Kayla Dowell / Savana Robinson / Felicia Roppe / Kelsey Roxworthy

  • Women's tennis - Angie Allgood / Ashlyn Huegel

  • Women's track and field - Camie Kibbee / Monica Ruiz

  • Softball - Mikayla Heath / Whitney Sowers / Abbie Voas
  • Volleyball - Nicole Ewoldt / Tori Zempel
  • Advisors - Katelin Gannon, Alicia O'Brien

Iowa Conference representatives:
Taylor Hill (women's golf)/Annie Weaver (women's soccer)

Central College