• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 31 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 161 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles

Contact information

Position Name Phone
Athletics director Eric Van Kley 641-628-5422
Associate athletics director for operations and sports club director John Edwards 641-628-5348
Associate athletics director and senior woman administrator Alicia O'Brien 641-628-5434
Associate athletics director for business affairs Mona Roozeboom 641-628-5429
Athletics facilities operations coordinator/
Building and grounds manager
Duane Houser 641-628-7001
Athletics office manager Jeffy Schuring 641-628-5226
Special events supervisor Chad Green 641-628-7694
Athletic training education program director John Roslien 641-628-5132
Head athletic trainer Frank Neu 641-628-5451
Assistant athletic trainer Dustin Briggs 641-628-5328
Assistant athletic trainer Emily Ciha 641-628-5452
Assistant athletic trainer Shelli Green 641-628-5450
Assistant athletic trainer Chris Viesselman 641-628-5166
Intramurals co-director Monica McWilliams 641-628-5984
Intramurals co-director Katelin Gannon 641-628-5448
Strength and conditioning coordinator Kyle Johnson 641-628-5440
Assistant strength and conditioning Charles Friday 641-628-7695
Communications director Larry Happel 641-628-5278--office
Sports information assistant Brennan Casey 641-628-5138--office
Sports information assistant Joe Flaherty 641-628-5435--office


Coaching directory

Sport Name Phone
Baseball Matt Schirm 641-628-5396
Assistant baseball Cody Baethke 641-628-5590
Assistant baseball John Love 641-628-5397
Assistant baseball Todd Zylstra 641-628-5226
Men's basketball Craig Douma 641-628-5225
Assistant men's basketball Joe Steinkamp 641-628-5619
Assistant men's basketball Bobby Quayle 641-628-5226
Women's basketball Chelsea Petersen 641-628-7652
Assistant women's basketball Aaron Nester 641-628-5624
Assistant women's basketball Austin Hellbusch 641-628-5226
Men's and women's cross country Joe Dunham 641-628-7603
Associate cross country Stephen Fyfe 641-628-5305
Assistant cross country Jon Graupmann 641-628-5591
Football Jeff McMartin 641-628-7609
Assistant football Cody Baethke 641-628-5590
Assistant football Jeff Bollard 641-628-5226
Assistant football Don De Waard 641-628-5526
Assistant football Reid Evans 641-628-5421
Assistant football Cody Huisman 641-628-5226
Assistant football Eric Jones 641-628-5248
Assistant football Nick Mulder 641-628-5616
Assistant football Matt Paulsen 641-628-5226
Assistant football Jeff Sanger 641-628-5161
Assistant football Austen Schueler 641-628-7606
Assistant football Drew Sikkink 641-628-5800
Assistant football Mike Young 641-628-5615
Men's golf Chad Green 641-628-7694
Assistant men's golf Clint Brown 641-628-7694
Women's golf Tim Wilkinson 641-628-5439
Women's soccer Mike Kobylinski 641-628-5224
Assistant women's soccer Katelin Gannon 641-628-5448
Assistant women's soccer Russ Goodman 641-628-7640
Men's soccer Garry Laidlaw 641-628-5789
Assistant men's soccer Mike Kobylinski 641-628-5224
Assistant men's soccer Will Foskett 641-628-5226
Softball George Wares 641-628-5195
Associate softball Alicia O'Brien 641-628-5434
Assistant softball Gary Grimes 641-628-5226
Men's and women's tennis Ryun Ferrell 641-628-5194
Men's and women's track and field Joe Dunham 641-628-7603
Associate track and field Jim Fuller 641-628-5310
Assistant track and field Brenda Fuller 641-628-5605
Assistant track and field Stephen Fyfe 641-628-5305
Assistant track and field Jon Graupmann 641-628-5591
Assistant track and field Jay Rhoten 641-628-5226
Assistant track and field Tyler Schiferl 641-628-5226
Assistant track and field Scott Tjeerdsma 641-628-7603
Assistant track and field Allan Walz 641-628-5226
Volleyball Kent Clayberg 641-628-5139
Assistant volleyball Monica McWilliams 641-628-5984
Assistant volleyball Tara Kohlhaas 641-628-5139
Wrestling Eric Van Kley 641-628-5422
Assistant wrestling Kevin Donahue 641-628-5141
Assistant wrestling Matt Diehl 641-628-5230
Assistant wrestling Bob Kuennen 641-628-5141

For more information, contact sportsinfo@central.edu

For information on Central College cheerleading or the dance team, contact:
Lexi Hanna or call (641) 628-5661.

Athletics department – (641) 628-5226
Sports information office – (641) 628-5278
Ron and Joyce Schipper Stadium press box – (641) 628-5288
A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex softball press box – (641) 628-5222

Fax numbers
Athletic department – (641) 628-5356
Sports information office – (641) 628-5340

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