• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Tim Kahl

Sophomore, tennis

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Hometown: Grinnell, Iowa

High School: Grinnell

Why Central?
I was looking at private colleges in Iowa that I could play tennis or wrestle at. I wanted a smaller campus that had a good community and a focus on academics. One of the deciding factors for me was that it seemed like the faculty here really got involved and cared about their students compared to the other schools I visited.

You’re majoring in math and computer science because…
I’ve always liked math and computer science classes have been my favorite classes at Central. I am also getting my secondary education licensure to teach math and hopefully computer science will become more common in high schools in Iowa. I enjoy helping people learn and I think that it is important to prepare the future generations.

Favorite Central memory
Texas mission trip this past winter break. It was really great to make a difference in people’s lives while enjoying the community with other Central students.

Best class you’ve taken so far and why
Professor Fyfe’s software design class. It was challenging at times because he pushed us, but the end product was a big program that was really rewarding to finish.

Why you love Central tennis
First off, I love tennis so it is great to be able to play in college. We always have a ton of fun on our trips. We pick on each other too much, but it’s all in good fun (I think).

Your dream doubles partner
John Seier, otherwise known as Johnny Tennis. We’ve played together the last two years and his net game is dirty.

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
Shawn Spencer. He is hilarious.

Artist you’d love to see in concert
Sanctus Real. Ricky Boyle got me hooked on them this semester.

Something you didn’t know about Central until you got here
I didn’t know what Gennis was or that everyone on campus played it, but it’s pretty fun.

What you like best about Coach Steve Tyler
He’s really competitive and can still play a mean doubles game. Also, he has a great beach body and taste in music.

Pre-match ritual or habit
I always try to put my stuff on the left side of the courtside bench. I’m not sure how I started doing it, but now it feels weird if I sit on the right side.

Teammate that is toughest to play against 
It’s a toss-up between Collin Schares and Zane Hendricks. Collin’s playing style is the worst and Zane’s game is just too cheeky.

Dream job
I want to teach high school math and coach wrestling and tennis. But I wouldn’t say no to being a professional MMA fighter with the name Timbo Slice.

Your favorite place to eat after a match
Texas Roadhouse. Rolls for days.

The best advice you’ve ever received from a coach
One thing that really helps me calm down on the court is to focus on one aspect of my game. Coach Rohner does a good job of pointing out one thing to calm me down.

The thing you like best about this year’s team
We really get into it. We’ve improved a lot since last year and still have a lot of people coming back next year. We just want to play tennis.

Bucket list
Go to the US Open
Beat Luther or Coe

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