• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Kevin Kaerwer

Junior, basketball

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Hometown: El Paso, Texas

High School: John L. Chapin

Why Central?
From my first visit Central just felt like the right place to be and my mother really liked the atmosphere. It also allowed me the chance to continue my basketball career which was very important to me.

Your favorite professor and why
Professor Clinton because of his obsession with rap music and always makes class a very chill environment. Professor Peterson is up there too, even though he teaches business classes he somehow incorporated Batman movies in the lessons.

You’re majoring in business management because…
I would like to own my own business one day, hopefully in the sales of athletic shoes or something sports related.

Why you love basketball
I love basketball because it is a fast paced, physical sport that requires everyone to work cohesively to accomplish the goal of winning the game. I have been playing basketball since I can remember, it is a big part of my childhood and it is a great stress reliever just to be in the gym by yourself getting some shots up.

Ritual or habit before a game
I have a couple rituals. I always have to have some kind of gum or cough drop to chew on before we go out to warm up. Also I wear a pair of my brothers shorts that he had to wear when he went through rat week at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, New Mexico; just as a reminder of all the stuff he had to go through to continue his dream of playing baseball in college.

The thing you like best about your team
I like the personalities that everyone brings to the group. Everybody brings a little bit of something different to the group that just creates sometimes awkward but really funny moments.

Top travel destination
My top travel destination has to be Miami, Florida. I went there when I was younger and really liked the atmosphere of the area, the sunshine and it seemed like something was always going on.

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
I’d like to eat lunch with 50 cent, probably one of the smartest business men out there right now in my opinion. It would be nice just to pick his brain.

Your first CD
Kind of embarrassing but I think my first CD was by Hanson. Everybody was obsessed by that Mmmbop song back then.

Favorite NBA player and why
Vince Carter is my favorite basketball player, they didn’t call him half-man, half-amazing for no reason. It seemed like every day when I watched Sports Center he was on there doing some kind of spectacular dunk or play that made the crowd’s jaws drop. I just always wondered what it felt like to be that tall and jump that high.

Why post players are secretly jealous of guards
I think it’s because we kind of control everything, we are the ones who have the ball the majority of the time and have to pass to the post players. All of them think they’re open all the time so when you don’t get it to them they get kind of upset.

The thing most people don’t know about Coach Douma
He doesn’t cuss, no matter what. No matter how mad he gets he never uses any bad language.

Sport you wish you were great at
Soccer, those guys get paid tons of money and they have the craziest fans.

What you miss most about Texas
All of it, love Texas, the food, the hot weather, my family, and the city environment is all there. We have the best Mexican food anywhere, Whataburger is amazing and it's probably still 90 degrees right now.

Favorite Central memory
My favorite central memory is freshman year we walked across the pond, all the Texas basketball players together, and I felt it was smart to walk across near the bridge. Well halfway across the ice started cracking so I grabbed hold of the bridge and was hanging from it until my boys pulled me up.

Your all-time favorite Christmas gift
Probably would have to be the green power ranger my parents got me, carried that thing everywhere.

Teammate most likely to win a six-pack and a pound race
Fred Pratt, he looks like he never eats but he eats at least twice his body weight every time he has a meal.

Bucket list
Be a part of a Krump battle, go to a D’Angelo concert, watch the New York Yankees play in the new Yankee stadium and visit Rucker Park.

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