• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Alyssa Eaves

Sophomore, cross country, track

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Hometown: Johnston, Iowa

High School: Johnston

Why Central?
So far, Central has been everything that I hoped it would be! I wanted a small school where I could feel like I belonged instead of getting lost in a sea of people at a huge university!

Favorite professor and why
I really enjoy the classes that I have with Professor Siewert, because she takes the time to get to know every one of her students. Her labs are always very organized and she puts a lot of effort into making them run smoothly.

You’re majoring in biology because…
I’ve always loved nature! I still don’t really know what I’ll do with my biology degree though.

Why you love running
It’s a great way to push myself and see how strong I can be. The best part about running, however, is having a constant group of friends who are literally right there beside you during some of your most challenging & doubtful moments!

This season I hope that…
Our team can think positively, grow together, and make it to nationals!

Favorite part of preseason
What’s not to love about running, working, and then running again every day?!?

Tattoo you’d get if you had to get one
I really don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo, and if I had to it would take me a looooong time to decide what I wanted to get.  I’d have to really be sure about it if I was going to have it for the rest of my life!

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
My high school cross country and track coach, Coach Hennes, so I could thank him for always being there for me!

Favorite Central athletics memory
Hiking up a mountain in Colorado with teammate Derek Puffett…I think we almost died a few times.

Pre-race ritual or habit
The closest thing I have to a pre-race ritual is the race visualization we do together as a team before our meet. I’ve found that it actually makes me less nervous, and I seem to run better when I’m calm.

Summer job
This summer I worked at Sarah’s Hallmark in Johnston, IA. I had the best manager anyone could ask for: my mom! The other employees were so great, too!

Funniest person on the team
If her athlete spotlight last year didn’t make it obvious enough, the funniest person on our team is, without a doubt, Shelby Mendoza. You’ll have to meet her to understand.

Number of miles you ran each week in the summer
I reached 60 miles during my highest mileage week this summer. I couldn’t have done it without my best friend and running buddy, Sarah Mueller!:) Also shout out to my dog, Chip, who got up to around 21 miles a week himself. ;)

What most people don’t know about the coaching staff
Coach Fyfe is a great person and he has a wonderful family! They are constantly doing little things to let us know that they care about us. They’ve welcomed us into their home a number of times for home-cooked meals, Coach Fyfe writes us inspirational notes that he puts in our mailboxes, and his wife and daughters made us matching headbands to wear during our meets. It’s great having a family here in Pella that supports us so much!

Bucket list
Make it to nationals as a team
See Redwood National Park and more awesome places
Run a marathon

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