• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Daniel Peacock

Junior, soccer

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Hometown: Ankeny, Iowa

High School: Ankeny

Why Central?
When I was looking at colleges I knew that I wanted to go somewhere with smaller class sizes, accessible professors, and a good soccer program. I was also looking into studying abroad and had heard nothing but good things about the abroad program at Central. After visiting Central it was apparent that it had everything I was looking for. The professors, students, and athletes that I met with were also very friendly and welcoming, so that helped me make my decision as well.

Favorite professor and why
Professor Yanner; I really enjoyed taking International Political Economy with professor Yanner because he broke down extremely complicated issues in the international finance world into material that someone as mathematically challenged as me could understand. He seems to know basically everything there is to know about political science. 

What you’re up to this summer
I’m taking a class on microeconomics and preparing myself for the upcoming soccer season. 

Favorite Central memory
One of my favorite memories is being thrown into the pond as a freshman. This night is also known as the infamous “Night of the Roommate Betrayal.” I had been running my mouth the day before my birthday to some of the upperclassmen about how I would evade their attempts to throw me into the pond. That same night my roommate, Kyle Maynard, decided we should watch a movie. At around 11:55 p.m. in the middle of the movie’s climax Kyle decided it would be a good time to brush his teeth. When he opened the door to go out into the hallway a mob full of my teammates rushed in and attempted to subdue me. I fought them off valiantly but was unable to escape the beast that is Jordan Appenzeller. My birthday is in February so it was snowing and the pond was frozen over except for one small hole. I will have my revenge Kyle… 

What you’re most excited about this season
We have a very talented group of players returning and I’m excited to play an entertaining style of soccer with these guys.

Favorite part of preseason
It is a tough choice between all the fitness tests, absurd humidity, and early practice times; however, all of these “fun” parts of preseason really bring the team together in a special way and that’s my favorite part. Also messing with gullible freshmen and Dillon Thornberry isn’t too bad either.

Cafeteria meal you’re most looking forward to this fall
Mongolian grill. Beef, chicken, pineapple, and noodles all grilled to perfection. Proceed to add a handful of rice along with an egg roll, and then douse it all in sweet and sour sauce.

Dream job
I’d really love to be a dictator but the U.S. seems to be pretty content with the whole democracy ideal. That being said I would settle for the presidency.

Tattoo you’d get if you had to get one
I don’t know where I would put it but the tattoo would be a Peacock wearing a Central soccer uniform dribbling a soccer ball through the legs of a person wearing an opposing school’s jersey. Throw in YOLO underneath it for good measure. 

“I wish I’d known as a freshman that…”
If you can avoid an 8 a.m. class, AVOID it.

Why you love Central soccer
My teammates are my closest friends and the people I spend the most time with. We all also happen to love playing soccer together which works out nicely. I also love the programs philosophy of always trying to play our brand of technical passing soccer no matter who we play against. 

Thing most people don’t know about Coach Laidlaw
The whole English person enjoying their tea time stereotype is definitely accurate for Coach Laidlaw. The man enjoys his tea. 

Favorite sports movie
Since it was considered a sport back during the Roman Empire I would say “Gladiator”. But if we are being technical then it would have to be “Remember the Titans”.

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
Fidel Castro. I’d get to practice my Spanish while having lunch with one the most influential figures of the 20th century.

Bucket list
The short version
-Qualify for the NCAA tournament
-Study abroad
-Get a law degree
-Beat Jonathan Schroeder in ping pong
-Become the first friendly dictator
-Help people
-Get the nickname “Papa Peacock” to stick

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