• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Phillip Miller

Senior, track

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Hometown: Vinton, Iowa

High School: Vinton-Shellsburg

Why Central?
I chose Central because I enjoyed my visit and the people I met here. They made me feel at home. I also enjoy the small town feeling and knowing people on campus.

You’re majoring in exercise science because…
I am interested in learning more about it and I have always enjoyed exercise and sports.

Favorite Central athletics memory
Going to Florida with the track team. I met Tyson Gay and got to spend some time on the beach with my teammates and coaches. 

Best class you’ve ever taken
Outdoor Pursuits. We got to get off campus and enjoy the outdoors. I think the best thing that we did in this class was shoot bows. Even though I might have been a little biased towards it since it was my topic, I still think that it was the most fun thing that we did.

Dream job
My dream job is to be a bum and live off my parents in my room at home, but I guess I will have to get my own life. I could be a professional hunter or fisherman. It may be a little rough but I think that I could handle it.

What you like best about your team
I like that we know when to have fun and when to put in the work. I have had a lot of fun with my teammates and I have also had a lot of memories putting in time to get better.

Any pre-meet superstitions or rituals?
I like to get ready away from others and just focus on me. I like to listen to rock music before I throw because it drowns out most other sounds, and gets me jacked up to throw.

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
Eat supper with my great-grandma Joy one more time.

What separates the Central track and field program from other programs?
We understand that it is not about the meets in the beginning of the season that matter as much but those at the end. We have been able to focus in on these since I have been on the team and it has led to conference championships the last two indoor seasons and three outdoor seasons. Hopefully we can put a good meet together this year at the conference meets again to keep the streak going.

Your first CD
ACDC Back in Black

What’s your take on intra-squad relationships?
I know that many people on the team have them so I think that they are okay. You just have to watch out and make sure your relationship doesn’t get in the way of your training and competing. It’s also not cool when your friend wants to spend time with you but you ditch them to sit around all day with your girlfriend instead of going and getting a new puppy.

Favorite TV show as a kid
We had country cable so anything except when the president was on.

The thing most people don’t know about throwers
We are the cool kids. People like to come hang out with us because we won’t get on them about not making their times in practice. We understand that nobody likes to run so we share some sympathy.

Teammate most likely to win “Fear Factor”
Josh Tack because he is too tough to be scared of anything.

Most treasured possession
My grandpa’s 1957 International Harvester pick-up I am restoring.

Bucket list
To go to Alaska and salmon fish and bow hunt.
To finish my truck in time so my grandpa can drive it again.
To travel to all of the states in the US and enjoy what they have to offer.
Own a ten second car.
Start my own business doing what I love.

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