• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Andrew Hamer

Senior, cross country, track

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Hometown: Murray, Iowa

High School: Murray

Why Central?
I chose Central because I liked the small town atmosphere and how personable the faculty and students were when I came on my visit.

You’re majoring in chemistry because…
I decided to major in chemistry because I wanted to go into the field of health sciences and I didn’t want to pursue biology since I don’t care about plants and animals.

Favorite Central memory
Going on a run to Big Rock Park and watching Austin O’Brien fall through a bridge because it couldn’t support his weight.

The thing that makes cross country such a cool sport
Everyone gets to be a part of the team and have equal practice and participation time no matter how talented they are.

What you like best about your team
Eli Horton’s rat-tail and the fun-loving nature of the team

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
Daniel Tosh

What most people don’t know about the cross country coaches
The coaches like to take their anger out on athletes in the form of mandatory ice baths.

Top travel destination, past of future
Go to Australia someday, best travel destination of the past would be Mexico

Your best Halloween costume
Not really Halloween, but I wore a stylish fur coat to the cross country prom

When people ask you why you run, you say…
I want to beat people and I’m not good at fun sports.

In your iPod
Drop it Low Girl

Favorite food to eat after a race
BBops, ice cream, pizza, the more unhealthy the better

Which is better – running barefoot or running with shoes - and why?
Running barefoot, people are more impressed by it

The secret to dominating Marshmallow Mafia
Choosing my friends wisely.

Favorite scary movie
Lion King

Bucket list
Run the Boston marathon
Bungee jumping
Win an ice cream eating contest

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