• 11 NCAA Div. III national team championships
  • 32 NCAA Div. III individual championships
  • 176 Iowa Conference titles
  • 23 Iowa Conference all-sports titles
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Ali Miller

Senior, golf

(What you won't find on Facebook...even if you are approved as a friend)

Hometown: Davenport, Iowa

High School: Davenport North

Why Central?
I have a chance to excel academically and athletically and it’s just about the right distance from home.  

You’re majoring in exercise science because…
I want to help people be healthier. 

Favorite class you’ve taken and why
Psychopathology because I find learning about different psychological disorders extremely interesting.

What you like best about your team
The way all of our different personalities work together to make things fun.

Favorite Central memory
Making some really close friends who haven’t let me down yet. 

Why you love golf
It’s mentally challenging and requires more skill than most people think to do well. 

What most people don’t know about Coach Tim Wilkinson
He is a connoisseur of fast food especially KFC/Taco Bell but he really loves Jack in the Box. 

Best part of van rides
Singing/dancing and random comments that people make.

“I think Bos Landen is…”
Probably the most challenging course I’ve ever played.

Person past or present you’d like to have lunch with
It’s a tie between Abraham Lincoln and Jesus.

Funniest person on the team
Sarah Paulson hands down. 

Best course you’ve ever played
The Legacy in Phoenix, AZ . 

Favorite part of Halloween and why
Dressing up because for one night you can be the complete opposite of yourself. 

What’s the secret to excelling at Guinness?
Not taking a huge backswing. 

Bucket list
Play golf at St. Andrews
Travel around the world
Own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes
Get Bravo to produce a Real Housewives of Chicago 
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