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Central College men's basketball Central College Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2015) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NEBRASKA WESLEYAN 11-15-14 132-118 W 26-Rosenstiel, A 13-Newendorp, Ky 5-Rosenstiel, A 3-Newendorp, Ky 2-Kunkel, Ryan Eckermann, Ni Newendorp, Ky at Missouri Baptist 11-18-14 79-75 W 20-Eckermann, Ni 7-Taylor, Colby 4-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby 2-Kunkel, Ryan Rosenstiel, A Moore, Drew Rosenstiel, A at Wis.- La Crosse 11-29-14 54-70 L 22-Taylor, Colby 14-Taylor, Colby 3-Taylor, Colby 3-Taylor, Colby 2-Kunkel, Ryan AUGUSTANA (ILL.) 12-3-14 89-78 W 23-Taylor, Colby 9-Newendorp, Ky 6-Eckermann, Ni 2-Taylor, Colby 4-Newendorp, Ky MARTIN LUTHER (MINN.) 12-6-14 109-50 W 17-Munn, Nate 12-Taylor, Colby 6-Eckermann, Ni 3-Munn, Nate 1-Newendorp, Ky Taylor, Colby Kunkel, Ryan at Westminster (Mo.) 12-09-14 91-68 W 21-Eckermann, Ni 7-Taylor, Colby 8-Taylor, Colby 3-Taylor, Colby 2-Newendorp, Ky at St. Ambrose 12-12-14 86-84 W 21-Taylor, Colby 12-Taylor, Colby 8-Taylor, Colby 1-Taylor, Colby 1-Newendorp, Ky Boyd, Trashaw Newendorp, Ky vs Mount Mercy 12-13-14 46-73 L 13-Rosenstiel, A 7-Rosenstiel, A 3-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby 1-Hauser, Austi Eckermann, Ni Boerm, Mitche Shepherd, Jay at Webster University 12-19-14 65-70 L 15-Taylor, Colby 14-Taylor, Colby 5-Eckermann, Ni 1-Boyd, Trashaw 1-Boerm, Mitche Taylor, Colby Shepherd, Jay Smith, Kyle Eckermann, Ni Rosenstiel, A Newendorp, Ky GRAND VIEW 12-31-14 67-79 L 16-Taylor, Colby 12-Taylor, Colby 3-Hauser, Austi 2-Hauser, Austi 6-Newendorp, Ky BETHANY LUTHERAN (MI 1-2-15 80-45 W 18-Taylor, Colby 18-Taylor, Colby 7-Hauser, Austi 1-Hauser, Austi 2-Taylor, Colby Taylor, Colby Newendorp, Ky Munn, Nate at University of Dubuque 1-7-15 63-79 L 30-Taylor, Colby 15-Taylor, Colby 4-Hauser, Austi 2-Eckermann, Ni 1-Kunkel, Ryan Moore, Drew Newendorp, Ky Rosenstiel, A LUTHER COLLEGE 1-10-15 92-89 W 29-Taylor, Colby 7-Eckermann, Ni 7-Eckermann, Ni 1-Newendorp, Ky 1-Rosenstiel, A Smith, Kyle Kunkel, Ryan at Wartburg College 1-14-14 67-59 W 23-Eckermann, Ni 15-Taylor, Colby 3-Rosenstiel, A 2-Rosenstiel, A 2-Kunkel, Ryan Eckermann, Ni Newendorp, Ky Hauser, Austi Handsaker, Ta at Loras College 1-17-15 71-83 L 35-Eckermann, Ni 8-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby 2-Rosenstiel, A 1-Newendorp, Ky Taylor, Colby BUENA VISTA 1-21-15 67-69 L 21-Eckermann, Ni 9-Newendorp, Ky 2-Hauser, Austi 4-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby Rosenstiel, A Taylor, Colby COE COLLEGE 1-24-15 73-80 OL 22-Taylor, Colby 10-Newendorp, Ky 2-Eckermann, Ni 1-Rosenstiel, A 2-Newendorp, Ky at Simpson 1-28-15 74-58 W 18-Eckermann, Ni 10-Newendorp, Ky 3-Eckermann, Ni 1-Newendorp, Ky 2-Newendorp, Ky Smith, Kyle Hauser, Austi at Buena Vista 1-31-15 74-86 L 20-Taylor, Colby 7-Newendorp, Ky 3-Eckermann, Ni 5-Taylor, Colby 1-Taylor, Colby Hauser, Austi Shepherd, Jay UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE 2-4-15 62-105 L 13-Smith, Kyle 6-Newendorp, Ky 3-Taylor, Colby 1-Drucker, Nick 2-Kunkel, Ryan Hauser, Austi Taylor, Colby SIMPSON 2-7-15 60-46 W 25-Eckermann, Ni 21-Taylor, Colby 5-Hauser, Austi 2-Newendorp, Ky 4-Newendorp, Ky Taylor, Colby
Central College men's basketball Central College Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2015) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Coe College 2-11-15 78-75 W 19-Eckermann, Ni 8-Taylor, Colby 7-Eckermann, Ni 1-Eckermann, Ni 3-Kunkel, Ryan Handsaker, Ta Taylor, Colby at Luther College 2-14-15 70-69 W 17-Newendorp, Ky 11-Newendorp, Ky 2-Smith, Kyle 1-Boyd, Trashaw 2-Kunkel, Ryan Hauser, Austi Taylor, Colby Newendorp, Ky Handsaker, Ta Taylor, Colby LORAS COLLEGE 2-18-15 74-61 W 25-Handsaker, Ta 7-Newendorp, Ky 6-Hauser, Austi 3-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby Taylor, Colby Taylor, Colby Newendorp, Ky WARTBURG COLLEGE 2-21-15 68-56 W 12-Eckermann, Ni 12-Taylor, Colby 2-Boyd, Trashaw 3-Taylor, Colby 2-Taylor, Colby Hauser, Austi Taylor, Colby Eckermann, Ni Smith, Kyle WARTBURG COLLEGE 2-24-15 71-77 L 15-Smith, Kyle 9-Newendorp, Ky 4-Eckermann, Ni 4-Taylor, Colby 2-Newendorp, Ky Hauser, Austi