Meet Aaron from Mesa, Arizona

About Aaron - Class of 2014

From: Mesa, Arizona

High School: Red Mountain

Academic Interests: Physics, Math

Extracurricular Interests: Football

Road to Engineering

Aaron Eiseler ’14 of Mesa, Ariz. didn’t fall far from the tree. The physics major and engineer hopeful comes from a family of engineers—Eiseler’s dad is a mechanical engineer, and his mom is a manufacturing engineer.  He understands the profession and the advantages he can gain through his undergraduate training at Central.

Eiseler didn’t just stumble across Central’s program—living in Arizona he admits he had never heard of Central before talking with assistant football coach Reid Evans. Hearing from a coach about the football team and Pella community, Eiseler decided to visit campus to meet with students, faculty and coaches. But the Arizonian could have picked a warmer day.

“The weather was miserable when I visited!” Eiseler recalls with a laugh. “It was raining and cold, but I enjoyed the people and the place so much that it didn’t matter. I really liked the football program and talking with (associate professor of physics) Viktor Martisovits. I felt like I wasn’t just another student they were trying to push through.”

After arriving on campus as a freshman, Eiseler experienced another cold-weather phenomenon: a snowball fight. He insists that Arizona does get snow from time to time, but a snowball fight involving over 30 football players? That was a brand new experience.

“I wasn’t planning on being a part of the snow fight, but as I was walking out of work, there was a mob people headed toward me, and I just was pelted with snowballs,” he remembers. “They chased me around, and it just ended up being a free-for-all. It was a lot of fun.”

It took some time for Eiseler to not only acclimate to the weather, but to small-town life. However, moving onto campus early for the football preseason gave him a head start. With more than 100 teammates, he was able to get to know campus and Pella before school even started.

“I was worried about living in a small town, but everything that I need is close by,” he says. “And although I don’t get to visit my family as often, I have the football family. The guys are great—easy going, easy to hang out with, everyone is here for the right reason. Everyone is trying to reach a goal. We are here to accomplish something. I like that about Central.”

For Eiseler, coming to visit campus was the best decision he made regarding his college career. He is a long way from his family, but Eiseler has learned to rely on his Central family when he gets a little homesick. He sees himself becoming more independent every day—thanks to his Central experience.

“I have matured more and I have to take responsibility for myself,” he says. “I have to do a lot of stuff my parents normally do and now I have to take care of it. You have to experience Central. What it came down to for me was this: did I want to be just another number, or did I want to be a part of place where I was an individual? Central’s that place.”

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