Meet Gavin from Urbandale, Iowa

About Gavin - Class of 2016

From: Urbandale, Iowa

High School: Des Moines Christian

Academic Interests: Computer Science, Art

Artistic Brain

It isn’t every day that you stumble into a computer science major and art minor. But for Gavin Macdonald, the combo makes complete sense for his future.

“I chose computer science because I play a lot of video games, and I find them really interesting,” Gavin says. “I chose art because I want to design video games, or do something with the design aspect.”

The Urbandale, Iowa, native isn’t far from home, but coming from the Des Moines area, Gavin liked the small-town feel after living in a larger city.

“Central has a smaller environment than other schools,” says Gavin. “But because it is a small school, Central felt more like home to me.”
A part of that feeling came in the form of the men’s soccer team. After visiting campus and experiencing the soccer culture, Gavin was hooked. Everything from practices and road trips to getting his lip-sync on reminds him why he came to Central.

“At the beginning of my first year, two other soccer freshmen and I had to dance in front of the men’s and women’s soccer teams,” he recalls with a laugh. “We lip-synced “It’s Raining Men” and dressed up. It was really fun!”

 When he isn’t starting up his dance career, Gavin is focused on his artwork and computer studies. In the “Introduction to Computer Science” course, Gavin learned Python, a basic computer programming language that will help him develop a foundation for later computing classes. The class allowed him to solve problems in creative ways—so he gets to use his artsy side, too.

“I love working with computers because they don’t talk back to you!” Gavin says with a grin. “I can work out a problem in my own time. It’s just logic.”

Working out problems isn’t just reserved for his computer classes. His art classes have also given him a chance to delve into new artistic styles, and later, new mediums—like pottery and glassblowing. Gavin still has three years at Central, so he is going to have a lot more time to express his creativity in both sets of classes. In his short time at Central, Gavin has made a lot of friends, and he hopes to continue meeting new and amazing people.
“Not only are the faculty and staff at Central great, but the students are kind and caring,” Gavin says. “I feel a great sense of unity among students at Central.”

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