Meet Rebekah from Centennial, Colorado

About Rebekah - Class of 2015

From: Centennial, Colorado

High School: Cherry Creek

Academic Interests: Psychology, French

Extracurricular Interests: Newspaper, Campus Ministries, Volleyball

Bilingual Psychologist

Rebekah Docter, a psychology and French major, isn’t always known as “Rebekah” in her dorm room—every once in a while her roommate likes to call her Betty.

“There is absolutely no reason why we call each other different names,” Rebekah says with a laugh. “But when we are hungry or tired or have a lot of homework, we call each other by silly names. I named her Penny!”

That little bit of roommate bonding goes a long way—from late night study sessions to attending athletic events, roommates can be a student’s surrogate family for the semester. For a native of Centennial, Colo., that family feel has been essential to Rebekah’s experience ever since she stepped onto Central’s campus.

“I come from a big high school, so visiting a smaller campus appealed to me,” Rebekah says. “I love the smaller class sizes. I love knowing everyone in my class because it is easy to make friends. Since the professors know everyone, it keeps me accountable.”

When she isn’t busy in classes or hanging out with her roommate, Rebekah finds creative ways to get involved. With more than 100 clubs and organizations on campus, she had a hard time choosing how to spend her free time. Rebekah participates in The Ray, the online school newspaper, and is a manager for the volleyball team.

This summer Rebekah interned at Camp Elim in Woodland Parker, Colorado.  As an intern she helped train new staff and watched how the new counselors gained more confidence throughout the summer.  Looking back on her experience Rebekah says, "The internship was an amazing opportunity for me. I loved every single second of it.  I got the privilege of working with some amazing kids.  This experience will prepare me for my future career as a youth counselor."

Rebekah's strong passion for the environment (she’s an active hiker) and helping others collided during recent mission trips through Central's Campus Ministries program. Rebekah has been to Colorado to clean up after forest fires and to New York to clean up after Hurricane Irene. And her traveling days aren’t over yet.

As a French major, Rebekah has dreams of studying abroad in Paris—brushing up on her French and savoring a few Parisian delicacies! “I want to improve my French, but really, I want to eat their food!” she says with a bright smile.

Although her psychology and French majors don’t seem to mix, Rebekah’s desire to be bilingual was the deciding factor for taking French classes. She admits it probably won’t help her be a youth counselor someday, but Central’s curriculum makes it easy to earn your degree with a little added global learning thrown in there, too.

“Central made my choice easy,” Rebekah says. “I have a passion for learning new things. Because you have room in your schedule to take things besides your major classes, you will quickly find other subjects to love—and maybe it will end up being another major!”

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