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Congratulations on your invitation to Scholar Days at Central! The faculty at Central College would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing to participate in the scholarship process at Central. One area we will evaluate during your Scholar Day experience is your logic abilities through problems. A sample logic problem can be found below:

Sample Logic Question for Scholar Days

1. Three couples—the Byrds, Lambs, and Trouts—went out to dinner together.

  • Each person ordered fish, chicken, or lamb chops.
  • No one ordered the dish implied by his or her last name.
  • In no case did a husband and a wife make the same selection.
  • Harry did not order chicken.
  • Jane and Mr. Trout were the only members of the party to order chicken.
  • Katherine was the only woman who ordered fish.
  • Frank is not married to Jane.
  • Alfred and Iris ordered the same thing.

Which of the statements below must be true? Circle the letters corresponding to the true statements.

  • Mrs. Trout ordered lamp chops
  • Alfred is Mr. Byrd
  • Frank is Mr. Trout and he ordered lamb chops
  • Harry is Mr. Lamb and he ordered fish
  • Iris is Mrs. Byrd and she ordered lamb chops