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As I researched programs, I knew I wanted to challenge myself by taking actual classes in a German-speaking university, but I also recognized that I would need support from a program (and some intensive language preparation) to reach that goal. Central College Abroad was exactly what I was looking for.
– Keri Hartman
Harvard University

housing and meals


The housing and meal arrangements are designed to facilitate integration with native Austrian and international students. Students are placed in Viennese residence halls located throughout the city. Whenever possible, Central College Abroad participants share a double room with either a native speaker of German or an international student whose native language is not English. Opportunities to meet, interact and speak German with other students abound; program students should expect to take the initiative in meeting local students living in the residence halls. All residence halls include:

  • double rooms (possibly with German-speaking roommate)
  • living area
  • communal kitchens
  • laundry facility
  • computer space in the residence hall and at the Central College Abroad center


Student residence halls in Vienna are operated by private foundations and do not offer a meal plan. While a meal plan is not provided in the program fee, all students have the opportunity to cook in the communal kitchen and socialize with other Viennese and international students.

Student status grants access to the many inexpensive government-subsidized university cafeterias (Mensen) located throughout the city. Take advantage of café life, an important aspect of the Viennese social scene.

The Goethe Institut

In Schwabisch Hall, Germany, students live in double rooms within Goethe Institut residence halls. Two meals during the weekday are included in the program fee (Monday - Friday at onsite cafeteria). Students enjoy cultural activities and excursions organized by both Central College and the Goethe Institut. Approximately 160 students from some 30 countries are enrolled at the Institut.

The Central College Abroad Center

The Central College Abroad center in Vienna is the home office of the resident director and conveniently located at the University of Vienna, making it the only study abroad program to have an office and student center on campus. In addition to the director’s office, this spacious center includes computers with internet access, classroom space, a lounge with TV, kitchen, reference library and piano.