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Interning with the United Nations was amazing because it is not only one of the most influential organizations in the world, but it has also become like a home to me. I realize now that I need to find something that can inspire me everyday like going to work there did.
– Storm Wilkening
Central College

goethe institut

The Goethe Institut, Germany’s cultural institution, has 60 years' experience in teaching German as a foreign language and is recognized internationally.  Students on the Central College Abroad program have the option to start out the semester with either one or two months at the Goethe Institut in Schwabisch Hall, Germany located in the Kocher river valley.


Students meet 25 hours per week for small group, intensive language classes.  Instruction covers vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening comprehension, textual analysis, and oral and written communication.  Students earn six credits during the one-month option or 12 credits with the two-month option. Language coursework taken during this portion of the program will appear on the transcript as semester credits; however, they will be separate from the courses taken in Vienna.

After the two-month session, most students have progressed one full European language level. This is a unique opportunity to experience two countries in one program and the perfect jump start to the academic experience in Vienna.

What's included

In addition to classroom work, the Goethe Institut offers cultural and leisure activities including city tours, exhibitions, theater, concerts and sports events; some for an additional fee. The Goethe one month or two month fee includes a double room and two meals a day.