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I really enjoyed the Austria in Context course that each student takes in Vienna. It offered a great mix of excursions around the city to actually see the things that we were learning in the classroom!
– Nathan Mundell
Cornell College

about vienna

Population: approximately 1.8 million
Language: German

Vienna is the capital of Austria as well as its largest city. Vienna claims the title of "World's Most Livable City" four years in a row (2009-2012), and why not? The city boasts a strong historical and cultural heritage (Vienna is a great destination for fine arts study) as well as excellent public transportation, well-organized public services, a fair cost of living, quality educational systems and a mild climate.

Vienna is also host to many major international organizations such as OPEC and the International Atomic Energy Agency, one of Central College Abroad’s many internship partners.

Students are drawn to Central College Abroad's program in Vienna for the opportunity to experience two countries – Germany and Austria – in one program! First an intensive German-language program at the Goethe Institute in the Kocher river valley begins the language immersion experience. In Germany, students are surrounded by the castles and palaces of the Hohenlohe region while gaining the language preparation they’ll need for University of Vienna courses and continued language study.

In operation since 1966, Central’s program at the University of Vienna is the oldest continually operating American program offering direct enrollment at the university. Our program in Austria is a true immersion experience. Beyond the language portion, students find themselves immersed culturally and socially through program activities, residence halls, and internship and service-learning experiences!