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Why study abroad?
There are many reasons to study abroad, and if you’re contemplating study abroad because you want to move beyond your comfort zone, then you’re on the right track! You will grow through the challenges and triumphs faced while being abroad.  Whether it’s navigating your way from Madrid to Granada with only a few words of Spanish in your pocket or interning for an MP at the British Houses of Parliament, you will walk away knowing that you are capable of much more than you ever believed.

Choosing to enroll in a study abroad program is also an intentional choice to:

  • develop your personal value system
  • gain a better understanding of international affaires
  • see yourself as a global citizen
  • improve foreign language proficiency
  • earn academic credit
  • enhance your résumé


Why you should choose Central College Abroad
Since 1965, students from hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities have chosen to study abroad with Central College Abroad...and with good reason. Central College Abroad’s strong academic foundation comes from being a part of a well-respected, private liberal arts college with a strong commitment to global experiential learning.

With Central College Abroad, you can expect a more valuable experience. We desire for each student to meet specific academic and intrapersonal goals during the course of a semester or year abroad.  These goals shape the core programming that we provide on every Central College Abroad site. Each of the core components listed below deliberately enhance the study abroad experience:

  1. Resident directors
    Each of Central's programs is run by a resident director who is a Central College employee. All directors are highly-committed, accomplished professionals who know how to work with American students and are familiar with the university system. These individuals facilitate the learning process and provide opportunities for you to engage and reflect. Their primary concern is that you have a great academic and cross-cultural experience as they provide you with the personal touch you would expect from a small, private, liberal arts college.
  2. On-site orientation
    We believe that an on-site cultural orientation, led by the resident director, is the best way to set you up for a successful experience.  Each Central program offers an in-depth orientation that will acclimate you to the country's language and culture as you get a feel for your new environment. The orientation programs range in length and include activities such as class registration, language preparation, internship interviews and excursions away from the classroom to see some of the sites in your new international home.
  3. Culture course
    All Central College Abroad programs include at least one required cross-cultural course. These courses are designed to help you examine and discuss your experience and discover more about your host country’s life and culture. These courses are enhanced by cultural excursions, interesting reads, lively discussions, and reflective journaling.
  4. Cultural excursions
    One of the highlights of studying through Central College Abroad is the number of cultural activities and excursions that are included as part of your program fee. Many of these excursions, facilitated by the resident director, link directly with course work and program goals throughout the semester.
  5. Course work through Central College Abroad and Affiliate Institutions
    Central offers the unique opportunity to take coursework through Central College Abroad as well as our affiliate institutions. CCA courses are courses taught by our expert local faculty, each specifically designed to capture an aspect of the culture's art, history, etc. Central is also proud to be affiliated with some of the finest schools in the world.
  6. Experiential learning
    On Central’s study abroad programs, learning begins in the classroom, but continues in many different settings outside the traditional classroom — offering students a more in-depth cross-cultural experience. This includes, but is not limited to, service-learning and internships placements (for academic credit) as well as volunteer opportunities, experiential course work, integration activities, and language partners. Central College Abroad programs offer these experiences as a way to more fully immerse students in the language and culture. This unique component sets our program apart from many study abroad options available to students.


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