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My internship was definitely my favorite academic experience! It was absolutely wonderful, I learned so much, and it helped me get to know British people and learn about their health care system.
– Kaylee Gibney
Drake University

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Medical Insurance
It is a student's responsibility to obtain proper medical insurance prior to departure from the United States.  It is a requirement to have at least $50,000 in coverage to attend a Central College Abroad program.  Often, the same medical insurance plan that provides coverage to attend the home institution is also valid anywhere in the world. However, there are a few policies that are the exception to the general rule, and it is important that a student call his or her insurance company to determine if the coverage is valid overseas. If not, a student and his or her parents must find out what exactly is covered and decide whether or not to purchase additional insurance. We also encourage students and parents to discuss what should be done in an emergency situation. Consider whether the insurance policy includes air transport medical evacuation benefits. Some medical assistance programs provide such a service.

If a student sees a doctor or requires hospital treatment abroad, generally he or she must pay cash for the visit. Be sure to obtain receipts. Insurance companies can reimburse upon returning to the United States. A few insurance companies will provide on-site representatives to handle payment and other arrangements, such as emergency evacuation, if deemed necessary. A number of companies offer medical expense insurance and/or travel assistance for people studying or traveling abroad. They offer different forms of coverage, including medical expense benefits, supplemental major medical expense, medical evacuation, referral to local physicians and hospitals, personal accident, etc.

See a list of companies that offer overseas medical coverage and other services.

It is solely a student's responsibility to determine, with or without medical assistance that he or she is physically and mentally able to participate in a study abroad program. Any and all health and accident insurance considered necessary is the student's responsibility to locate and purchase.   Central College student health insurance is valid while a student is overseas and does have limited medical evacuation coverage.

The cost of a supplemental travel insurance policy is included as part of the program's fees. This policy provides modest accident and sickness insurance and emergency medical evacuation anywhere outside the United States for as long as the policy is valid, generally one year from issuance.  We do not recommend that this supplemental travel insurance take the place of a student's college or other family primary insurance.


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