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I love the city, Leiden. I feel that this is the perfect location to study. We are surrounded by European countries and yet we are able to study in a quiet and close knit community with interesting and friendly people not only from the Netherlands but all over the world.
– Carleen Mazaika
Roger Williams University

role of resident director

Orientation Instructor
The resident director is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the on-site orientation program. He or she contracts for any outside teaching, room and board and touring services as needed. The director serves as an instructor and guide for orientation sessions and may teach all, or a portion of, a required orientation seminar.

Academic Advising
The resident director is also an academic advisor and registrar. He or she will assist with course changes and approves all final schedules. The director makes sure students are properly registered, taking a normal course load and approves all course drops and adds, withdrawals and exceptions. He or she collects grade reports from the university or instructional faculty, checks for errors, and forwards final course and grade reports to the Central College office of registrar.

Because the academic program adheres to local standards and methodology, the resident director has no direct control over teaching style, academic requirements or grades. However, the director can serve as a liaison, using informal channels to pass along student feedback. Student comments are more likely to yield results if handled by the director than if proposed directly by students to their professors.

Field Trips, Excursions and Cultural Events
The resident director has direct responsibility for planning and supervising the field trips, excursions and cultural events that enrich the study program. Many of the additional activities are required as a part of the program, and no refunds will be made to students who do not participate.

For reasons of liability, all Central College Abroad program day trips and excursions are only available to program participants currently enrolled in the program. Visitors may participate in program activities as deemed appropriate by the director. Also, during visits from family and friends, students are required to attend all classes and required program activities, as missing these necessary elements can compromise a student’s grades and the overall dynamics of the program.

Counseling and Support
The resident director interprets attitudes, customs, values and assumptions to help students get the most out of their environment. If a student encounters unexpected difficulties, such as sickness, accidents, conflicts with authorities, or unpleasant news from home, the director will do his or her best to help resolve the situation. Resident directors approach students as responsible adults; however, the director may notify family, academic advisors or the home institution if a situation requires. Normally, this will occur if a student is involved in an accident, hospitalized or in danger of losing academic credit or of being dismissed from the program.

Authority and Discipline
The resident director has the responsibility for maintaining an orderly and secure atmosphere for students. If a student’s behavior disrupts program order, endangers the reputation of the program or seriously affects group safety or morale, the director must intervene.


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