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Fall 2014 Photo Contest!

Time is up! Entries for the photo contest are no longer being accepted.

Submission: February 3, 2014-March 17, 2014
 Central College Abroad Staff Judging: March 18, 2014-March 21, 2014
 On-campus judging: March 24, 2014-March 28, 2014
Post for Facebook Likes: March 31, 2014-April 14, 2014

3 categories to submit to:

Your “campus-life” abroad
What is your “campus life” abroad like? Show us where you live, who you live with, where you eat, and who you eat with. Show us where you take classes and who you take classes with. We want to see what “campus-life” is like abroad!

“Living like a local”

Now that you have been in your host city for a while, you’re becoming a master of the ins and outs of your new city; maybe you have even given someone directions! Show us what makes you a local; what you use for daily transportation, the local grocery store, your favorite pastry shop.  Go farther than just photos of you at famous landmarks, we want to see what makes your city “home”. 

Show us what Central College Abroad means to YOU!
Show us how Central College Abroad is an integral part of your time abroad. For example; this could be a photo with the Resident Director, you interacting with local culture (i.e. learning how to cook), hanging out with your language partner, or working at your internship.

Submission Requirements

Winners will be selected using the following criteria:

Creativity and Originality- We often receive photos of national and historical landmarks that are gorgeous and impactful. We are looking for a photo that takes a new perspective on a familiar landmark, or demonstrates a less traveled area. Please submit a photo that is unique and stands-out among the other entries.

Relevance of description accompanying photo- Photos are worth a thousand words, but sometimes we need a little extra help. Please add relevant text to your photo explaining why it is applicable to the category you submitted it to.

Quality of photo- Judges are looking for high quality photos, including clarity, focus, lighting and other technical photography work.
A panel of judges will be assembled to decide on the top photos before submitting them to Facebook to have viewers do the final judging.

Disclaimer: Please don’t submit photos that reference drugs, alcohol, or other explicit content. We can refuse to post them.

Please submit original photos, not Facebook or Instagram photos. These photos are great in their respective sites, but when they are copied from these sites they are not high quality photos.

Any photo that is submitted becomes property of Central College Abroad and may be used in future marketing.
Judges will include Central College Abroad staff, Central College Faculty, and students


Pella staff will choose the top 15 or less photos (5 from each category). Central College faculty/staff will choose the winner of each category. The top 15 will then be voted on by Facebook fans for “Fan Favorite”.
The first place winner of each category may receive either a framed canvas print, a scratch-off world map, a personalized photo mug, or a mystery prize (to be decided by the judges).

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