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Spring 2015 Photo Contest!

Submission: March 6 – April 6, 2015
Judging: April 7 – April 14, 2015

Submission Requirements

Who: Students who attended a Central College Abroad program during the following terms or who are currently abroad.

  • Summer 2014
  • Fall 2014
  • Spring 2015

This year we are looking for active learning photos!


Creativity and Originality- We often receive photos of national and historical landmarks that are gorgeous and impactful… but do not capture students actively engaging WITH or AROUND these landmarks. We are looking for photos that demonstrates daily life abroad. This includes study time, class time, talking to a local in your host city etc. We know students do more abroad than look at pretty scenery, now you can show us!

Additional Ideas:

  • Active shots: Where students are engaged in an activity (i.e. internships, service-learning, working on a project with a local, excursions).
  • Academic pictures: these do not necessarily have to be classroom photos but could include depictions of the academic/learning atmosphere.
  • Faces: Show us your smiles!
  • Students in recognizable international sites: Particular emphasis on program city/campus. Excursions are active and generally get more photo ops. We are also hoping to see more pictures during orientation, or classes in the host city or depicting daily life.

Relevance of description accompanying photo- Photos are worth a thousand words, but sometimes we need a little extra help. Please add your program and the location of the photo.

Quality of photo- Judges are looking for high quality photos, including clarity, focus, lighting and other technical photography work.

Disclaimer: We can refuse to post photos with inappropriate content. Any photo that is submitted becomes property of Central College Abroad and may be used in future marketing.


Pella staff will choose the top photos. The photos that are selected will then be voted on by Facebook fans for “Fan Favorite”.

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