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My service-learning placement was key to overcoming my fear of speaking French to native speakers. When you have to figure out how to explain the concept of subtraction to an 8 year-old, the French just starts coming out.
– Elena Grout
Trinity University

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FranceLocation: Paris, France

Affiliated institutions: Catholic University of Paris' Institute for Language and Culture (ILCF)

Central College Abroad coursework: Yes

Language prerequisite: None

Language of instruction: French

Service-learning options: Yes

Internships: Yes

Recent excursions: Cultural, artistic and historical sites in and around Paris, weekend excursion to the south of France, including Aix-en-Provence, Marseille or Nice, day trip to Chartres, Fontainebleau or Giverny

Housing and meals: Foyers (residence halls) throughout Paris. Communal kitchens in halls for cooking meals, plus restaurants and cafés located near foyers. Stipend provided if no meal plan in foyer. Homestays are available with daily breakfast and approximately 4 evening meals a week.

Program dates: Fall semester, mid-September – mid-December. Spring semester, mid-January – late May.

Average program size: 12 students

Staff to student ratio: 1:6