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My service-learning placement was key to overcoming my fear of speaking French to native speakers. When you have to figure out how to explain the concept of subtraction to an 8 year-old, the French just starts coming out.
– Elena Grout
Trinity University

intensive language orientation

Central College Abroad provides students with a truly unique opportunity to begin their French immersion experience with an intensive language orientation prior to the start of formal classes. This program consists of a traditional program orientation followed by intensive language courses tailored to all language levels. Service-learning placements with local non-profit organizations also begin during the intenstive language orientation. Further cultural orientation is included under the guidance of the resident director and supplemented by informational meetings, comparative cultural discussions, visits and excursions.

Intensive language courses

Language courses meet Monday through Friday at a French language institute.
Intensive language coursework taken during this portion of the program carries three summer term or four January term credits, meaning these credits are not added to the credits earned during a semester at an affiliate institution. Course work is taught in French.


All students take part in a language and culture opportunity unlike any other - students participate in service-learning placement two hours a day, Monday through Friday, during the orientation period. Placements are with local community-based organizations located in arrondissements around the city. This one-of-a-kind opportunity introduces students to the Paris beyond baguettes and berets. Students learn through interaction that France is a multifaceted country home to many cultural groups living together under one flag.

Upon completion of the orientation period, service-learning continues one day a week for the remainder of the semester.