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Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello, friends of Central College Abroad! Our quarterly newsletter is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Conference on Global Citizenship

Central College is thrilled to host a Conference on Global Citizenship as part of our ongoing celebration of 50 years in global experiential learning. The conference will take place April 16–17, 2015, and will examine global citizenship related to study abroad, career development and lifelong global engagement. Presenters and workshop leaders will ask for your active participation. Please come prepared to meet with many stakeholders, including faculty, students, alumni and resident directors of Central College programs abroad. Workshops will be followed by a proper celebration of this milestone in Central’s history of global learning, so please reserve time to stay in Pella after the work day on Friday.

Conference registration details will be coming soon.

Merida Courses Offered this Spring

Shelley-Jean Bradfield, our visiting faculty member in Merida this spring, will be teaching two unique courses focused on media and culture.

In Evaluating Contemporary Media, Dr. Bradfield will teach cultural history and cultural studies — and the impact that contemporary media has on behaviors and values in society. Covering topics such as race, ethnicity, femininity, masculinity, sexuality, class, nationality and citizenship, the class will expose students to a broad range of contemporary issues through the perspective of critical media. Students will compare issues cross-culturally, with special attention to the Mexican context.

The second course offered, Engaging Telenovelas, focuses on global sustainability, social, and behavioral approaches through the lens of the Latin-American telenovela genre in Mexico and beyond. Students have the opportunity to examine themes of social and economic inequalities, representation, illness prevention and health care, etc. Students will then have the option of a research project related to audience reception.

While on an excursion to Bath, two London program students took a
break to toss a rugby ball around.

Letter from Director Blaire Modic

Dear Study Abroad Community,

As Mary Strey, Central College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, indicated in her letter last week, a recent assessment of academic programs has led to changes in the international programs that Central College operates abroad. Summer and semester programs in Paris and Leiden will be suspended after the Spring 2015 term. Other exciting programs, many led by Central College faculty, offer opportunities for learning that match students’ evolving interests.

Now is a good time to state clearly that the Spring 2015 programs in Paris and Leiden will be fully resourced and supported. Suspension of these programs will commence only after the Spring 2015 term has concluded, grades have been submitted and all program aspects have been finalized.

To ensure that future students are informed of changes to our programs, the Central College Study Abroad office will write to students who have started applications for Paris and Leiden for terms after Spring 2015. The office will also contact students who have expressed interest in these programs but have not started applications.

As colleagues in international higher education, you understand that as students change, there is a need to foster thoughtful evolution of academic programs abroad. If you have further questions, please contact me.

In closing, I suggest a moment of positive reflection on what programs in Paris and Leiden have meant to past students. Looking forward, I am excited to share details on development of new programs as they become available.

Kind wishes,

Blaire Modic
Director of Study Abroad

Beautiful Bangor, Beautiful Wales From Fall 2014 blogger

Bangor PhotoPosted November 4th, 2014 by Laura Jane in Bangor, Wales

I’ve been living — and thriving — in Wales for a month and a half! It’s safe to say I’ve settled in... and I still can’t get enough of this place. You might be asking yourself, what is the big deal about middle-of-nowhere Bangor, Gwynedd?

In Wales, places are automatically given city status if they have a cathedral. So Bangor (with a population of 14,000) is a city. It’s a city made up of sweet slate roof-covered houses, fish and chips places, and pubs. It also boasts what is evidently the longest downtown high street in Wales and the United Kingdom. The downtown of Bangor is all High Street, ironically located in the valley. To get anywhere else in Bangor from High Street, you have to go up. This city has awesome character.

Captivating good looks, cheeky sense of humor... still not even the best part. Wales is a Celtic nation, with a Celtic language — the other two big ones being Ireland and Scotland. Welsh is the second oldest spoken language in the U.K., with records dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, 17% of the population of Wales can actually speak Welsh. Being so small — and having that border with England — means that over the centuries, they have been somewhat overcome by England. The area all along the border might as well be England. Only 15% of the population of Cardiff (the capital of Wales, and close to England) has Welsh roots, and just 5% of the residents speak Welsh. Wales has an ethnic culture, fighting a growing tsunami of globalization by its powerful neighbor.

But Bangor is in north Wales, right on the Menai Strait and directly across from the Island of Anglesey (that sweet little disconnected part). 70% of the population in north Wales speaks Welsh, and 90% of Bangor speaks Welsh. The truest bits of surviving Welsh heritage and customs live on in this region. The oldest legends take place here. The most ancient and thriving Welsh sites are here. We don’t see the Union Jack anywhere in/around Bangor, but we see plenty of proud Red Dragons. We are in the “cultural heartland” of Wales. That, to me, is really special. It’s a big deal to live in the cultural heartland of a country that, despite being perpetually stifled, has managed to live on through the ages... something that I did not care about or put together before I came here.

Being here through Central makes Wales accessible. We go on field trips to destinations in Wales almost every other weekend — towns associated with ancient stories, medieval walled cities, the mountains of Snowdonia, and castles. Castles, castles, castles. You will be a castle expert by the time you’re a month in.

Again, diolch yn fawyr! Thank you for reading and following my adventure!

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