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Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the third Friday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Your study abroad adventure waits. Don't miss the October 1 deadline for spring
Your study abroad adventure waits. Don't miss the October 1 deadline for spring
2012 applications and scholarships.

Spring 2012 application and scholarship deadline approaching

The application deadline is right around the corner! All application materials, including transcripts, essay, and recommendations forms are due by October 1 for spring 2012 programs.

Take advantage of our online application — it’s fast, easy and FREE!

And remember, every little bit helps: Central College Abroad offers scholarships up to $1,000! The scholarship deadline is also October 1.

Coop conference call for proposals

The annual coop council conference is scheduled for April 12-13, 2012, and will focus on student learning goals and facilitating them before, during and after the study abroad experience. The conference will reference global experiential learning goals as a basis for discussion and session topics. This year, we encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise in the area of student learning as a session presenter.

Session proposals should be submitted online and are due October 15. Learn more about the coop council conference and presentation proposals.

Attention students: $1,000 travel voucher

Here’s your chance to win a $1,000 travel voucher for the spring 2012 study abroad program in Hangzhou, China! Vouchers can be applied to airline tickets purchased through for travel to China destinations only.

This is a limited-time offer. A complete application dossier must be received by October 1 to be considered. Enter promo code ‘China12’ in your application.

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province located in East China, a spot many Chinese consider to be heaven on Earth. The city is near the East China Sea and surrounded by mountains, and students often find themselves mesmerized by Hangzhou. Grow in your language skills through an intensive Chinese language program, and gain an intimate understanding of the Chinese people and culture with an internship and electives in business and ESL.

Complete your application today to be considered for the $1,000 travel voucher. Learn more about Hangzhou, China.

Don't miss your opportunity to explore China. Complete your study abroad application today!
Don't miss your opportunity to explore China. Complete your study abroad application today!

The colors of Ghana
By Ivy Paul, Accra, Ghana alumna and Central College student

Studying abroad in Accra, Ghana, this summer was my second trip to Africa, and both times people have given me concerned looks when I told them my plans. Africa is mentioned very little on the U.S. news and reports tend to involve famine, civil war, or unrest. However, there are many places in Africa that are safe, beautiful and should be explored. 

Students who take this opportunity to study abroad in Accra, Ghana, will find it isn’t a black, white and sepia-colored wasteland as many imagine it. In fact, I remember it as green like the palm and coconut trees and millions of other tropical plants; yellow and orange like the fresh pineapples, mangos, oranges and bananas at the market; red like the dirt and mud puddles; and incredibly blue like the sky and the ocean. 

Paul (second from left) and her program mates dressed in native Ghanaian
Paul (second from left) and her program mates dressed in native Ghanaian
attire for their final dance performance.

In my mind, Ghana is patterned like the unique traditional kente cloth, and adinkra symbols are everywhere as reminders of important values. I learned so much through our history and performing arts classes—I was amazed how much I learned about Ghanaian and African culture through dance! We also had a variety of fantastic excursions. The canopy walk above the rainforest was breathtaking. Our tours through Cape Coast and Elmina castles, where slaves were kept before being shipped to the Caribbean and Americas, were informative and very moving. 

This study abroad program was the perfect opportunity for me to experience a culture very different from my own, and I highly recommend that students of all majors consider spending a few weeks of their summer exploring Ghana!

You heard it from a peer – now learn more about the Accra, Ghana summer program. To see pictures of the Ghana summer program, visit our Facebook page.

Assistant Director Spotlight: Dennis BoschDennis Bosch

Each of CCA’s programs is run by a number of highly qualified and skilled staff members ready to provide the personal touch and support you would expect from a small, private liberal arts college. Dennis Bosch wears a number of hats in his role as the Leiden program assistant director, including excursion extraordinaire and a go-to resource for all things Leiden. 

Meet Dennis. I am originally from the eastern part of the Netherlands, close to the German border. I recieved my Master’s degree in 1996 in political science at Leiden University. Interesting fact: I studied political science with Sarah Palin’s advisor Joshua Livestro!

Assistant director duties. Each day is different as the assistant director. I work with the students as they arrive in Leiden, showing them around the city and answering questions about things to see and do. I also organize excursions and other student activities. The excursions take students to Amsterdam, to Brussels, to the beautiful Dutch island Texel, canoeing on the Leiden canals and to a tulip field.

Working with students. I love to work with students because they have young, open minds and study abroad to broaden their view on life. As the assistant director, I guide the students to experience new cultures, ideas and people. They prevent me from being too much in my own comfort zone, and I love to see when students have the time of their life in Leiden.

Travel and culture. I have travelled extensively. I lived for nine months in a Japanese Zen monastery, and lately I’ve spent time in Spain, the U.S., Israel and Zimbabwe. I learned Spanish a few years ago and am now able to have conversations in Spanish without problems. I love the Spanish culture and also enjoy visiting Scotland. In the Netherlands, my favorite place is the medieval city of Maastricht. I have lived in Leiden for 20 years and still enjoy walking along the canals and pretty streets.

Meet Dennis in person. Learn more about Leiden.

2011-12 Travel Grant Awards

Formal site visits for study abroad professionals are essential for providing accurate and important information to interested students, as noted by the Forum on Education Abroad. Central College Abroad is proud to provide such an opportunity to Cooperative Council member institutions. Each year, CCA awards travel grants to visit one or more of our international program sites.

Visits are conducted on a one-on-one basis, where grant recipients can expect to visit classes, affiliate universities and internship and service-learning placements, as well as tour classroom facilities and accommodations. Recipients meet extensively with the on-site resident director and talk with current students to gain a better understanding of the student experience.

Congratulations to this year's recipients:

  • Pamela Humphrey, College of St. Mary
  • Jen Hogan, Drake University
  • Emily Brandon, Georgetown University
  • Martivon Galindo, Holy Names University
  • Kristen Larson, Monmouth College
  • Susan Burns, Morningside College
  • Charla Bailey, Texas Lutheran University
  • Phyllis Garfield, University of Dubuque

Learn more about the travel grant program and our Cooperative Council.

London student receives Gilman scholarship

Margaret Hoang prepares for a semester in London after
Margaret Hoang prepares for a semester in London after
receiving the Gilman international scholarship.

Central College Abroad is pleased to announce that Margaret Hoang (Johnson County Community College) has received a Gilman international scholarship and will be studying abroad in London this fall. Hoang’s interest in fashion and public relations drew her to the CCA London program.

Fashion in London: A big reason why I decided to do Central College Abroad was to further my experience in the fashion industry. I have always been intrigued and excited by the fashion world, but it has been a huge risk for me to pick up and move to a coastal state to go to college for fashion. Studying abroad through CCA is giving me the opportunity to explore the world of fashion and help me with that risk to move to college for fashion public relations. 

In London I will take courses at London College of Fashion. They have amazing course options, from starting your own fashion magazine to journalism for fashion. The possibility of a fashion PR internship was one of my top reasons to go to London, so I plan to take advantage of CCA’s great internship opportunities. The more experiences I can garner from this semester abroad, the better! 

Scholarships made it happen:I was lucky to be granted a Gilman international scholarship, and with the help of financial aid and working two jobs, my dream of studying abroad in London has become a reality. I have to thank my JCCC study abroad counselor Barbara Williams for helping me through the Gilman and CCA application processes. I am so grateful to both Central College Abroad and Gilman for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Learn more about our London program and scholarship opportunities.

New assistant directors in Vienna and London

Central College Abroad would like to welcome Michaela Maschek and Jen Pollard, new Assistant Directors of the Vienna and London programs, respectively.

Michaela Maschek has ample experience working with American college students and since she’s studied abroad in the U.S. herself, she will be able to connect on a personal level with CCA students. Maschek has taught the CCA courses German Idiomatics, Stylistics and Grammar I & II for the past year and is excited to work with students in a different capacity while continuing to teach the CCA courses. Maschek is exceptionally qualified for the position, having received a Ph.D. in linguistics and educational studies from the University of Salzburg, Austria.

Jen Pollard studied at McPherson College before completing an M.A. in theatre: drama history and literature at Michigan State. Pollard has lived in London for the past five years and worked at the Globe Theatre and Southbank Arts Centre. As part of her new role, Pollard will manage internship placements and other duties, such as assisting resident director Mark Simmons with excursions and orientation week activities.

Please join Central College Abroad in welcoming Maschek and Pollard to the CCA team. Both begin their duties in September, an optimal time to enjoy the rush of new students arriving for the semester.

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