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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Study abroad in Vienna, Austria, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities
Study abroad in Vienna, Austria, one of Europe's most beautiful cities.

Register today! Coop Council Conference

We invite members of our Cooperating Council to register for the annual Central College Abroad Coop Council Conference. The conference is March 31 – April 1 in Pella, Iowa. The conference offers informational sessions such as “What’s it’s worth? The Value of Experiential Learning on Long-term Career Success,” a study abroad fair, and a chance to hear firsthand from our on-site resident directors. This is a great professional development opportunity for those in the international education field. Hope to see you at the conference!

Learn more about the conference and register here:

For more information about the Cooperating Council, visit:

Running through Hangzhou

Christina Schueth (Drake University) and Kenneth Suen (Norwich University) exercised more than their Chinese language skills in Hangzhou, China.  Schueth and Suen participated in a road race, completed internship placements, and traveled extensively throughout the country.

While studying abroad in Hangzhou, Schueth and Suen participated in the Hangzhou International Marathon, a five-mile road race.

“I love to run, and how many times are you going to get the opportunity to run a race in China?” said Schueth. She describes the Hangzhou International Marathon as the most beautiful and crowded race she’s ever run.

“Staying in shape in China is especially easy,” Schueth said. ”There are lots of hills and mountains.”

When she wasn’t running or traveling, Schueth interned as an international marketing assistant for TriMark (Xuzhou) Automotive Components Co. Ltd, where she hosted cross-cultural seminars and coordinated the company’s booth at a large international construction tradeshow.

Suen also completed an internship in Hangzhou, teaching English at a local primary school to children in third through sixth grade. Suen also enjoyed learning Mandarin Chinese.

“Many Hangzhou natives don’t speak English fluently, so if you want to talk to them you have to learn the language,” said Suen. “I'm fluent in Cantonese, and while certain things sound the same in the two languages, others are totally opposite. Being in Hangzhou really allowed me to improve my Mandarin Chinese language skills.”

Christina Schueth and Kenneth Suen after finishing the road race in Hangzhou.
Christina Schueth and Kenneth Suen after finishing the road race in Hangzhou.

Learn more about Hangzhou, China.

Fall 2011 deadline one week away

The application deadline is upon us! All application materials including transcripts, essay and recommendations are due Tuesday, March 15, for fall 2011 programs.

Take advantage of our online application — it’s fast, easy and FREE!

Apply Now!

Central College Abroad offers scholarships up to $1,000! Every little bit helps! Learn more about scholarship opportunities at

New university partnership in London

Fall 2011 will usher in a change to the London program. Students now have the opportunity to complete academic coursework at London South Bank University (LSBU). Mark Simmons, London resident director, lists a few advantages of the new partnership:

  • A 15-minute commute from Vandon House;
  • Free gym membership and access to sports teams, including the UK’s leading male and female basketball teams and an American football team;
  • Exciting new options in science, engineering, IT and new media;
  • Student access to campus with modern, stylish buildings, including a student union.

“I am particularly impressed with LSBU’s provision in science, sport, engineering, IT and new media,” said Simmons. “The change to LSBU provides students with increased academic as well as social opportunities.”

The academic schedule at LSBU allows for additional education opportunities. Since classes begin one week earlier at LSBU, students will now be able to take courses at the prestigious London College of Fashion during both the spring and fall semesters. Offerings at LSBU will replace options formerly available through London Metropolitan University (LMU).

Click here to learn more about the London program.

Ghana Independence Day

March 6 marked Ghana’s Independence Day, celebrating the country’s 1957 break from Great Britain. Ghana was the first modern African nation to gain independence from colonial government.

Ghanaian independence is one of the many topics covered in the Central College Abroad Accra, Ghana, summer program.  Through a course titled “An Introduction to the Living History of Ghana,” students will learn about Ghana’s history from pre- to post-colonial eras. The program includes excursions to historical sites, such as the mausoleum of Kwame Nkrumah, the nation’s first president.

“Nkrumah believed the future of Ghana could only be won through education and technological development,” said Samuel Mate-Kodjo, Central College professor of Spanish. Mate-Kodjo will lead the Ghana summer program.

Students will also visit Accra’s Independence and Black Star Squares, locations where Independence Day parades and patriotic crowds are dressed in the national red, green and yellow colors.

On campus at the University of Ghana in Accra.
On campus at the University of Ghana in Accra.

For more information about study abroad in Ghana, visit

See you in Boston at the Forum

Central College Abroad will present at the Forum on Education Abroad Conference Wednesday-Friday, April 6-8, in Boston, Mass. The conference will offer the following sessions:

  • Wednesday, April 6, 1 – 4:30 p.m. The Uses of the Global Perspective Inventory in Assessing Student Global Learning and Development — presented by Larry Braskamp, co-author of Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) and professor emeritus, Loyola University, Chicago, Ill.; Dennis Doyle, professor of communication studies, Central College; and Brian Zylstra, manager of on-campus operations, Central College Abroad.
  • Thursday, April 7, 3:45 – 5 p.m. Digital Dialogue: Processing Cultural Integration Via Technology — presented by Valerie Grimsley, resident director, Merida, Mexico; Truett Cates, professor of German and director of the center for global learning, Austin College, Sherman, Texas; and Cheri Doane, director of community-based learning, Central College.

Ruth Verweijen, Vienna, Austria, resident director, Jessica Klyn de Novelo, assistant director of institutional relations, and Maria Hickle, coordinator of institutional relations, will also be in attendance. Contact if you would like to meet with a Central College Abroad representative at the conference.
Please visit the conference website for details and full session descriptions.

"Hallo" from the Netherlands!

For Shiloh Drake (University of Redlands), a Vance scholarship recipient who is studying abroad in Leiden, the Netherlands, the deciding factor in her program choice was a fascination with the Dutch language. Drake became interested in the Dutch language during a childhood visit to Amsterdam.

“Originally, I chose Leiden because I wanted to study both Dutch and linguistics at the University of Leiden—now I'm just focusing on Dutch,” said Drake. “It’s a lot easier to practice the language with the locals here than it would be in a big city like Amsterdam.”

Drake is majoring in modern languages and linguistics, has studied French, Spanish and German to a degree of fluency and additionally speaks a little Arabic, Russian and Polish. For her, Dutch comes naturally.

“Dutch was first interesting to me because it is the closest relative of English in the modern world,” Drake explained. “Now I also appreciate it on a grammatical level. Its features definitely have Germanic roots and a surprisingly heavy French influence.”

Drake's enthusiasm for the Netherlands spills over to more than just the language. In her free time, she volunteers in the Vrij Groen garden and is involved in the youth group of a nearby international church. Her interests are broad, however, and she also hopes to serve as a language tutor, fence with the Leiden University fencing club, and even take a martial arts or dance class.

Although her plans for spring break trip include stops in Heidelberg and Paris, Drake’s main travel goal is to see as much of the Netherlands as she possibly can.

“This is my home country,” Drake says, “I feel like I should know it the best of all.”

Drake enjoys the Burcht van Leiden
Drake enjoys the Burcht van Leiden.

Each semester eight students, one student from each program, receive the $1,000 Vance Scholarship to help pay for their study abroad experience. The scholarship is awarded only to students who attend one of Central College Abroad’s cooperating institutions. Learn more about Central College Abroad scholarship opportunities.

Study abroad in Leiden. Learn more here.

Global citizen blog entry

Central College President Mark Putnam recently wrote a blog entry titled “The Journeys of Global Citizens," which invokes questions related to international education, citizenship, and a new global society.

"Nabil stopped by my office frequently. He was tall with penetrating eyes and a warm smile. His innocent charm and soft-spoken manner were disarming, but he was incredibly bright with a formidable intellect. He was an outstanding student, who would eventually complete a Ph.D. Nabil was the first person I had ever known from Beirut, Lebanon..."

Continue the conversation and read more from Mark: my words.

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