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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Central College Abroad's newest summer program, Art in Paris, started this month.
Central College Abroad's newest summer program, Art in Paris, started this month.

David and Betsy Roe in Wales
David and Betsy Roe in Wales
President Mark Putnam
President Mark Putnam

Central College says farewell to Roe and welcomes Putnam

Central College says goodbye to friend, supporter and College president, Dr. David Roe but welcomes aboard a new Central family member, President Mark Putnam, most recently senior vice president for executive affairs at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.

As we say farewell to Roe, we reflect upon the legacy he leaves with Central College Abroad. In his 12 years, Roe visited numerous sites abroad, made agreements with world-renowned universities and worked to increase overall academic strength of Central’s programs. This work was more than just "part of the job".

“Central’s multiple study abroad programs were a deciding factor in Betsy’s [his wife] and my decision to come here,” says Roe.

In this new chapter of the college’s history, we welcome Putnam and his family and look forward to Central’s international programs growing even stronger under his leadership.

“Global experiential learning is a hallmark for Central College and reflects a commitment of more than 40 years,” says Putnam. “The integrity and quality of our study abroad programs sets the college apart among providers, and we continue to be innovative in creating experiences that will be transformative in the lives of our students.”

Learn more about becoming a cooperating institution at

Montero celebrates 10 years with CCA

Central College Abroad acknowledges Verónica García Montero for 10 years as resident director of Central’s program in Granada, Spain. Montero, a native of southern Spain, uses her lifelong experiences to help students achieve the best possible abroad experience.

Montero, who received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Granada, supports students as they follow her footsteps as study abroad students. When Montero was a student, she studied for a year at Central College and worked as a language assistant. Her experiences and knowledge provide a strong level of expertise, whether she is giving advice on where to travel or helping students adjust to the new culture.

“My favorite part of the job is the interaction with the students and to have the privilege to be part of a very important experience of their lives,” states Montero. “I enjoy when the students feel relaxed enough to come to the office to chat, joke and laugh.”

Verónica Garciá Montero celebrates 10 years as CCA's Granada director.
Verónica Garciá Montero celebrates 10 years as CCA's Granada director.

“Even though there can be difficult moments, the fact I am still here after 10 years is because working with the students and with Central is worth it,” she says. “I am grateful to have such a fulfilling job.”

For more information about Verónica Garciá Montero and Granada visit:

Central College Abroad's popular Blog from Abroad

Ever wonder if studying abroad is really as great as it sounds? Read for yourself about students' daily adventures outside the country. Whether it is hiking up a tall mountain, running through beautiful parks, or saying goodbye to a place that has become a home away from home, these travelers have many adventures to share.

“Why do you visit a country this small? To hike across it! We hiked across Liechtenstein in the morning, and still had plenty of time to explore its capital, Vaduz, and the other small towns scattered across its portion of the Alps. We made it to Switzerland to the east of Liechtenstein, and from my one or two small encounters with the Swiss, I can confirm that their German is almost impossible to understand!...”

Read more from Laura in Vienna.

Spring 2010 Vienna blogger, Laura Nicklaus, from Bradley University.
Spring 2010 Vienna blogger, Laura Nicklaus, from Bradley University.

Leiden lights up the summer

While most students return home for summer jobs or internships a select few take on a new adventure -- studying abroad. During the month of June, students on Central’s Leiden program take courses to enlighten the art side of their mind. Leiden, and many other canal cities of the Netherlands, serves as an excellent backdrop for the drawing, photography and graphic design classes students take during the program.

“I chose to do the summer Leiden program because I realized it could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, however, I had some reservations about doing it for an entire semester!” said Leiden summer alumna Morgan Caves. “I was attracted to the program in Leiden because of its rich history in the arts.”

Also included in the program fee are excursions to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, which are all led by Leiden resident director and art historian, Steef Eman. With weekends typically free, students take advantage of program-provided discount cards and travel around the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Leiden summer students in the Drawing in Leiden course.
Leiden summer students in the Drawing in Leiden course.

“My design skills were broadened because I was able to see how other cultures viewed design,” said Caves. “We used the same programs that are used in the United States, so I did not have to learn any new software, but the approach was very different. In the Netherlands, I was encouraged to use my creativity more and design `outside the box.’ This helped me as a designer because I was able to find my own style, instead of following other people’s instructions and templates that were already set in place.”

For more information on the summer programs visit

2010-11 Travel Grant Awards

Formal site visits for study abroad professionals are essential for providing accurate and important information to students, as noted by the Forum on Education Abroad. Central College Abroad is proud to provide such an opportunity to member institutions of our Cooperative Council. Each year, Central awards 7-10 travel grants to visit one or more of our international program sites.

“As the sole study abroad adviser, the insight I will gain from visiting one of Central College Abroad’s program will be incredibly useful,” says Marie Pius, Study Away Advisor, Susquehanna University. “I will be able to more comprehensively prepare students interested in CCA’s programs.”

These visits are conducted on a one-on-one basis where recipients can expect to visit classes, affiliate universities, and internship and service-learning placements, as well as tour classroom facilities and accommodations. Recipients meet extensively with the resident director and talk with current students to gain a better understanding of the student experience.

This year's recipients include:

Laura Greer Vick, Peace College
Marie Pius, Susquehanna University
Evelyn Nadeau, Clarke College
Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Cornell College
Kelly Matthias, Concordia University – St. Paul
Truett Cates, Austin College
Jan Willems, Doane College
Alexander Hertich, Bradley University
Donna Waldron, Campbell University
Kevin Hayden, Roger Williams University

“Central Abroad was so impressive from the administrative side to work with this past year so it will be wonderful to get to see how your process works from abroad!” says Kelly Matthias from Concordia University. “Thank you for providing such an excellent service, which provides small schools like ours the opportunity for students to study abroad.”

For more information on the travel grant program visit:

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