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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Photo contest winners are now announced online!
Photo contest winners are now announced online!
Visit to view all the entries.

Harry Smith, CBS news correspondent, to speak at our annual NAFSA Conference breakfast

Harry SmithCentral College Abroad is pleased to announce Harry Smith, CBS news correspondent, host of CBS “The Early Show” and Central College alum, will speak on the Value of Globalized Education Today at the annual Central College Abroad breakfast at this year’s NAFSA Conference in Kansas City, Mo., Wednesday, June 2, 2010. Cooperating schools and partners of Central College Abroad have been invited to join this exclusive event. Limited availability. Learn more at

If you would like to meet with Central College Abroad at the conference, please contact us at to arrange a time.

Mackey returns to Bangor, Wales, for graduate program in music

Amanda MackeyUpon returning to the United States after studying abroad, one of the first thoughts that may come to mind for many students is “when can I go back?” For Amanda Mackey, the answer is this September. Mackey, a Westminster Choir College, Princeton, N.J., graduate, plans to return to Bangor, Wales, to continue her studies in the graduate program this fall.

Mackey was first introduced to Bangor when she studied abroad there in the spring 2009. While there she fell in love with the atmosphere that surrounded her and missed that lifestyle daily.

“When I think about my time in Bangor, I miss my everyday routine there. I miss going to the cafe to write my papers and projects and hearing conversation in Welsh all around me, going to the pub with some friends from the music school for a pint, going down to the pier to watch the sunset, and going out dancing with my friends from my flat,” said Mackey.

The lifestyle is not the only thing that Mackey will return to Bangor for. While studying at Bangor University, she started a research project that has inspired her to continue on there to obtain a Master in Philosophy of Musicology.

“Whilst at Bangor, I began a research project which was quite successful. It essentially opened the door to my proposed research for my master's. I forged a great working relationship with my adviser in the music school, and he actually wrote my reference on my postgraduate application. I wasn't sure what I would do after graduation before my study abroad term, but everything fell into place because of the work I did there and the connections I made,” said Mackey.

With her plans for the future in line, Mackey is pleased she took advantage of studying abroad.

“I learned to really put myself out there and make my own success. Just like in any school or any environment, you can take the easy route, coast by without a challenge if you want to, but why would you want to? Bangor is a fantastic school with great faculty and invaluable resources, and it's a new culture to experience — I got involved, made friends, worked hard and made a conscious effort to make the most of my time there every single day. I'm very careful to not take opportunities for granted, and to fully take advantage of experiences that are within my reach, and I think I really learned how to do this during my time abroad.”

For more information on Central College Abroad in Bangor visit:

Look for Central College Abroad at this year’s NAFSA Conference

Central College Abroad is pleased to be a part of the NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo in Kansas City, Mo., May 30- June 4, 2010. Visit the Central College Abroad team at our booth #135 in the expo hall.

Cheri Doane, director of community-based learning, and Jessica Klyn de Novelo, senior coordinator of institutional relations, will present a poster presentation “Shaping Global Perspective: Engaging Students Through Service-learning Abroad” as part of the Work, Internship and Volunteer Abroad fair which is scheduled for Thursday, June 3, at 3:30 p.m.

Also presenting at the poster session on June 3 at 3:30 p.m. is Brian Zylstra, director of on-campus relations, and Jennifer Larson, coordinator of institutional relations. Their presentation, “Navigating the Study Abroad Experience with Assessment-based Programming,” highlights coordinated efforts from study abroad administrators, program directors and home campus faculty, creating an enhanced global learning experience.

Please contact us at if you would like to set up an appointment to meet during the conference.

Internship spotlight

Who: Ashley Kinkade
Major: Elementary education, Central College 2012
Semester Abroad: Hangzhou, China, spring 2010
Internship Placement: Zhejiang University Affiliated Kindergarten

Memorable internship: Having an internship and being able to teach English has opened my eyes. I am more prepared to become a teacher, even though this is only a small part of my education!

Completing an ESL internship in another country has opened me up to a brand new experience. The students in China are excited to learn English, and it is memorable for me because I have the opportunity to teach a full classroom of students learning a new language. In the United States, when a teacher teaches English as a second language, they usually only teach a small group of students. I, however, have the chance to teach a full classroom of students who are excited to be learning something new.

Ashley Kinkade playing “duck, duck, goose” along with her students during her internship.
Ashley Kinkade playing “duck, duck, goose” along with her students during her internship.

The children also have a much stricter learning environment than that of the United States. The teachers, and students, love that I teach them with an American style, which is the only way that I know. By American style, I mean that I teach them with songs and games, and the students
love it!

The children are so cute and very excited to learn English. Every word that you say, they repeat. They love to touch me because they don't think I am "real." I don't think I could have any better setting to teach English. The people that I work with are fabulous. Most of the people speak minimal English, so it's fun to try and communicate with them. Everyone is very understanding since there is a language barrier.

For more information about internships in Hangzhou, China, visit:

Attention alumni!

Often find yourself reminiscing about your time abroad? Is there a story that you often share with others? Central College Abroad wants to hear the amazing stories our alumni have. Tell us what you loved the most about your time abroad. Keep us updated on what you are doing now and the opportunities you’ve been granted thanks to your abroad experience. Photos, stories, quotes and more; sharing your experiences with others is a great way to help them decide if a study abroad experience is for them.

Learn more at

Bangor University to build new Arts and Innovation Center

The eager wait is now over as Bangor University declares its plans to start design work on a brand new Arts and Innovation Center. This £35 million project is an exciting new initiative to establish a world class center for science, technology and the creative industries.

The new addition is seen to become a beacon for North Wales and beyond. The new space will supply a 450-seat theater, cinema space, rehearsal studio and an outdoor amphitheater, all accompanied by new and exciting social facilities.

The center's public performance spaces will become a major focus for Welsh culture and will be designed to provide original and inspiring platforms for engaging new talent. Throughout the building, new spaces for teaching and social learning will be created to provide high quality modern educational environments. These spaces will help benefit students, promote community engagement and facilitate business.

Central College Abroad is excited for the new opportunities this facility will provide to students to become even more engaged in the Welsh culture on our program. With our current course on Wales and Welsh Culture, taught by resident director, Tecwyn Vaughn Jones, the facility will provide new avenues an a fantastic new space for learning.

For more information on Central College Abroad in Bangor visit:

Alumni spotlight

Who: Drew Wilson
Major: Business management, Central College 2008; Master of Business Administration, Mountbatten Institute 2009
Semester abroad: London, England, spring 2007

Abroad experience: Central College Abroad essentially reshaped my career and life goals. After graduating from Central, I decided to pursue my Master of Business Administration (MBA) in international business through a program called Mountbatten Institute. It took me back to London, England, for a year, then to Bangkok, Thailand, for four months and one month in Brisbane, Australia. On Dec. 19, 2009, I graduated with my MBA in international business and am looking for a job with a global international technology (IT) company.

Drew Wilson’s London experience changed his life goals.
Drew Wilson’s London experience changed his life goals.

Going abroad helped me learn about myself. I came back from London with new ideas and goals for my future. These ideas and goals were birthed out of the experiences and new perspectives I gained by studying abroad. You must study abroad to fully utilize your liberal arts education!

My favorite experience living in London had to be the Vandon House. With all the traveling through Europe that I did in the short span of five months, it was nice to have a place to come back to that you called home. Going into the program I didn't really know anyone that well, but the friendships that I made in that short period of time I was living in the Vandon House will last a lifetime. The atmosphere that was created by Eric Sneddon (former London resident director) and his staff was one where you could truly enjoy your time abroad and also learn a lot while doing it.

For more information on the London, England, program visit:

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