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Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Celebrating 45 years of study abroad

Central College Abroad 1965-2010
Central College Abroad 1965-2010

Central College Abroad is excited to celebrate 45 years of outstanding study abroad programming. Although Central’s first entré into the study abroad world took place well before 1965, it wasn’t until then that the first program in Paris, France, officially began at the Sorbonne. The launch of this program makes Central College Abroad in Paris one of the oldest continuously operating American programs at this famous university.

Since 1965, Central has seen the addition of seven other programs located in Vienna, Austria (1966); Merida, Mexico (1968); Spain (1968 in Madrid, settling in Granada in 1982); London, England (1973); Wales (1976 in Carmarthen, settling in Bangor in 2006); Leiden, the Netherlands (1986); and Hangzhou, China (1990-1997, reopening in 2003).

In the last 45 years Central has also offered programs in Colchester, England, and Kenya, Africa. Today, in addition to the eight semester and yearlong program locations, students can also choose from one of seven summer programs. Beginning in 2010, Central will add Ghana to its summer program offerings.

Although many changes have occurred during the last 45 years, the qualities that distinguish and make Central College Abroad excellent remain the same:

  • We continue to be a university-based study abroad provider with firm roots in the liberal arts.
  • All program sites boast a highly qualified on-site, resident director.
  • Programs are small by design and allow for a special level of personalization and attention.
  • A strong commitment to intensive language study continues with immersion programs in France, Austria and Spain.
  • We continue to proudly serve students and schools from around the country (formally unifying them under the Central College Abroad Cooperative Council in 1988).

We are excited about ongoing program developments and continue to build upon our excellent experiential-learning opportunities in internships and service-learning. We are thrilled to be leading the field in the area of academic and program assessment, and most importantly, to have the opportunity to work with future generations of study abroad students.

Much gratitude goes to former Central College president, Dr. Ken Weller; former Central College Abroad director, Barb Butler; and other past administrators for their visionary leadership. We also warmly acknowledge past and present program directors for their dedication to our mission.

Lastly, we thank the more than 10,000 students and over 400 American colleges and universities who have supported Central College Abroad over the past 45 years.

Now accepting applications for fall 2010!

Start your application now for study abroad during the fall 2010 semester. With Central College Abroad, you can expect a more valuable experience. Personalized program options across the globe allow you to get the most out of your experience abroad. Explore your possibilities and get started on your application now. Applications are due Monday, March 15.

Summer ... arts ... YES!

Discover the art and history of the city of light.
Discover the art and history of the city of light.

Summer programs are a wonderful option for students who cannot otherwise fit a study abroad experience into their undergraduate education, or for those looking for a specific area of study. Central College Abroad offers a number of programs related to the arts. The following programs are great options for all majors (including art):

NEW! Performing Arts and Culture — Accra, Ghana

  • Students will experience Ghana’s famous performing arts history. Learn about the important events, formal traditions and historical and cultural issues that have shaped the performing arts in Ghana through lectures, visits to historical sites and dance, theatre and musical performances.

NEW! Art in Paris — Paris, France

  • The Paris summer program offers students of every language level the opportunity to learn — or improve — their French language skills while experiencing firsthand the diverse art collections of one of the world's leading cultural centers. Students learn about the city’s glorious art and monuments — looking at examples from Gothic to the modern period — with regular visits to the galleries, museums and buildings that adorn France’s capital.

Art and Culture — Leiden, the Netherlands

  • The summer art and culture course in Leiden, the Netherlands, will provide students the opportunity to take courses in photography, drawing and graphic design taught by local faculty and practicing artists. The program is experientially based, using the Dutch landscape and townscape as the classroom.

Applications are due Monday, March 1. Visit to learn more about summer opportunities or to start an application today!

Save the Date! Central College Abroad Cooperating Council April 8-10, 2010

Navigating the Study Abroad Experience with Assessment-based Programming

Please join us for Central College Abroad’s annual Coop Council meeting! Events will run Thursday through Saturday, April 8-10, 2010. Join us on Thursday in the afternoon and on Friday, April 9, to hear firsthand updates from our on-site resident directors and participate in educational sessions. On Saturday, we invite you to stay for our morning pre-departure orientation for students and their parents. A formal invitation will follow, but clear your calendar today and plan to attend an informative and fun program with Central College Abroad.

For more info on the Cooperating Council, visit:


Katie PfaffVance scholarship recipients chosen

Central College Abroad has announced the Vance Scholarship recipients for the spring 2010 semester. Each semester eight students, one student from each program, receive the $1,000 scholarship to help pay for their study abroad experience. The Vance Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded only to students who attend one of Central College Abroad’s cooperating institutions.

Katie Pfaff, a student at DePauw University is our Granada, Spain, Vance Scholarship recipient for spring 2010.

Who: Katie Pfaff
Major: Music, DePauw University
Semester Abroad: Granada, Spain, spring 2010

How receiving the Vance scholarship is helping: While my home institution, DePauw University, and Central College Abroad seek to make off-campus study affordable, it is nevertheless costly. The Vance scholarship will enable me to travel to Granada and to fully experience the opportunities that I encounter without worry for the price of a ticket or the cost of a bus fare.

Why she chose Central College Abroad: During my previous study in Spain, we took a brief excursion to the city of Granada. From that one day, I knew that I wanted to return to Spain in college, particularly the beautiful city of Granada. Consequently, I began searching for programs located in Granada, and my home institution DePauw University supports the Central College Abroad organization.

What she is most looking forward to in her upcoming semester: I am most anxious and enthusiastic for the host family opportunity. I studied in Ciudad Real, Spain, during the summer before my senior year of high school, and the home-stay experience was the most rewarding element of that program. I also anticipate immersing myself in the local community of Granada to improve my Spanish fluency and to enrich my understanding of Spanish culture firsthand.

I am also seeking better understanding of those I meet and of myself by peering through the lens of varied cultures, developing in me a global perspective.

Learn more about the Central College Vance Scholarship at:

Get to know the director: Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, Bangor, Wales

Tecwyn Vaughn Jones
Tecwyn Vaughn Jones

Ask any student who has studied on Central’s Bangor, Wales, program about resident director, Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, and you’re likely to get a response like, “Tecwyn is awesome. I can't say enough good about him,” or “Tecwyn is the best program director a student could ask for.”

As resident director, Jones is a vital part of student’s experiences in Wales — he helps students adapt to the culture, experience new things and develop a unique and individualized program. Jones has been with Central College Abroad for nearly 10 years, and comes uniquely qualified for his position having earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Bangor University where all Central College Abroad Wales students attend class.

When asked why students choose to study in Wales, particularly Bangor, Jones replied, “Wales is a very beautiful country and Bangor is on the doorstep of the Snowdonia National Park, where you'll find the highest mountains in England and Wales. The program offers a very popular outdoor pursuits class allowing students to experience this beautiful landscape.” He adds, “Students are also able to take advantage of all the classes offered by Bangor University, and the scope is amazing.”

Bangor University boasts approximately 1,000 international students each year, and according to Jones, the study abroad experience is important for all cultures and nations not just for Americans.

“It is excellent that young people are able to experience life and culture in another country, to challenge their own preconceptions and their established perspectives,” Jones says. “Study abroad immerses students in a different culture, and when they return home, they bring with them a range of different experiences which enhances their sense of identity.”

Witnessing that shift in identity is one of Jones’ favorite job “duties.”

“What I like most about my work is being able to introduce young American students to Wales. When they come here, they fall in love with the country and its people. It is good to help these students through what is often a life changing experience … culturally, socially, and also academically.”

For more information on the Bangor program visit:

Central College Abroad to present at the Forum on Education Abroad

Central College Abroad has once again been selected to present at the Forum on Education Abroad Conference, an annual two-day conference, solely focused on the field of education abroad, in Charlotte, N.C.

On Wednesday, March 24, Larry Braskamp, co-author of Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) and professor emeritus at Loyola University Chicago, Dennis Doyle, professor of communication studies at Central College, and Brian Zylstra, manager of on-campus operations for Central College Abroad, will lead a workshop titled “Using the Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) to Assess the Value of Education Abroad."

Braskamp and Doyle will also take part in a panel presentation on Thursday, March 25 titled “Integrating Education Abroad in the Campus Ethos” where they, along with four other session leaders, will present on major initiatives that integrate education abroad into the campus mission and culture.

That same day, Paris program resident director, Shelley Cavaness, alongside other France-based panelists, will participate in a panel presentation discussing, “When Vision and Values Collide: Multiple Perspectives on the Impact of Communication and Technology Onsite (France)."

Learn more about the Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) at

For more information on the conference visit

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