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Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Central College Abroad photo
Central College Abroad Merida, Mexico students at Chichen Itza, one of the new seven wonders of the world!

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Gospel arts internship in London, England

Who: Christopher Weaver
Major: General Studies; Central College May 2010
Semester Abroad: London, fall 2008
Internship placement: British Gospel Arts

Chris Weaver, (third from left)
Chris Weaver (third from left) with choir members backstage at the Jazz Cafe.

Memorable internship: British Gospel Arts puts on different workshops throughout Europe teaching gospel music from beginners to advanced to solo and works very closely with the world-famous London Community Gospel Choir.

For my internship I helped with the planning of the 2009 events calendar. Along with office work, I got to do numerous gigs with the London Community Gospel Choir, including doing an annual four-night Christmas concert at the world famous Jazz Café in Camden. The London Community Gospel Choir is often asked to sing at weddings, office parties, Christmas balls and such, and when they book these events, they look for available choir members.

This internship showed me that I really want to perform. Being a gospel singer in America, I never really had to bust out any dance moves … but singing with the London Community Gospel Choir … that was a whole new level. I had to learn how to be an all-around performer. Now in combos at Central College I tell the singers in my background vocals that we really have to move on that stage and be real performers, because I have learned that this is what really makes a difference for the audience. If you’re into it, they will be into it too.

Check out a quick clip of Weaver singing with the London Community Gospel Choir at the world famous Jazz Café in London.

Lastly, I remember the first gig I ever did with the London Community Gospel Choir at The Stables in Milton Keynes. I was supposed to observe how the concerts go so that I would know for upcoming gigs ... then someone asked why I wasn't singing. Next thing you know, I am on stage at sound check. When the concert started and we marched out (The place was packed!), I was OK because I knew the first song but then most of the others I didn't! I was so scared, but it really worked out great. I think that is the best learning experience when you are just thrown into things.

Because of my internship and study abroad experience, I have decided to move to London in September 2010 to pursue my music career.

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Tour Ireland while studying abroad in Bangor, Wales

Excursions and cultural activities will lace your experience with Central College Abroad in Wales. One excursion that students particularly enjoy is the six-day tour of Ireland led by Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, Bangor resident director.

“The Ireland excursion ties in with the required class [An Introduction to the History and Culture of Wales] as we give the students an opportunity, under the guidance and focus of a class syllabus, to explore elements of Irish/Celtic culture and are able to make comparisons between Wales and Ireland,” said Jones. “This comparative study will help the students understand better Celtic identity issues.”

Central College Abroad photo

From Bangor the group takes the ferry to Dublin. During their first day in Ireland students go on a walking tour lead by Jones, focusing on the downtown cultural quarter of Dublin. After a night’s rest, students learn more about Celtic culture while visiting the University of Dublin and its Book of Kells exhibition. The Book of Kells is a manuscript dating from around 800 A.D. and is the earliest example of Christian writing in Western Europe. Students will then see St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Guinness Brewery.

After experiencing the unique culture of Dublin, Jones takes the students to Galway Bay where he leads them on a short tour of the Galway Cathedral and harbor. When the tour is finished in Galway, the group travels to the Aran Islands, where students get to visit Dun Aengus, 600 foot cliffs perched above the sea where the inhabitants still speak the Irish language keeping their customs and traditions.

Students then head down the west coast to visit the Aillwee Cave, Burren region — noted as a site of scientific importance because of its flora and fauna — before visiting Poulnabrone portal tomb and ending back in Wales.

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Alumni Spotlight-Returning to China

Who: Shannon Ingleby
Major: Psychology; sociology and Spanish minor; Central College 2004
Semester Abroad: Hangzhou, China; spring 2003.

Current Job: I am now living in China and have been here for about one and a half years. I teach English at a college and love it! A typical week for me in China is teaching in the classroom for 12 hours per week (so little, right?!? :) and the rest of my time is spent prepping for lessons and grading. The first year that I was here I taught all writing classes and was also a first year teacher so I was swamped. I spent most of my free time grading papers and searching the Internet for lesson ideas. Now I teach half writing classes and half oral English. I am much happier with this arrangement! I teach at a small university so I have about 25 students per class which is really an ideal number. I teach students from freshmen-juniors and use a variety of teaching methods in my class. The students enjoy it, and so do I. Honestly, I probably won't stay in the teaching field for the rest of my life, but initially it was a way for me to come to China, and I have grown to love my students so much! The relationships that I have developed with them are priceless!

Central College Abroad photo
Shannon Ingleby (back row, sixth from the right) with her students.

How going abroad has helped: While studying abroad in Hangzhou, China, I knew from that moment on that I would return to China one day to live and teach English. While studying abroad, I gained a little bit of experience through an internship where we taught English for about two hours per week. I also learned A TON about the culture and language during my study abroad so I felt very equipped when I returned a year and a half ago. I wasn't scared to move to China at all, and I think that the growth experiences I had during study abroad prepared me well for this big move. I knew that I could adapt to the culture and all of its differences from American culture.

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New internship opportunities in Paris

Central College Abroad’s Paris program is excited to announce expanded internship opportunities offering more internship placements in more fields than ever before. Students can now choose from a wide variety of internship areas including:

  • Central College Abroad photoArt/Art history
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Fashion
  • History
  • Journalism
  • International business
  • International law
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Pre-law/Political science
  • Public relations
  • Publishing
  • Sociology
  • Theatre
  • Tourism and leisure studies

Students doing the internship program will intern for three days a week, take a language course, and then can choose from a wide variety of electives from the Catholic Institute in Paris. There are also more course offerings available to students who choose to do the internship program. Elective areas available include art, business, communication, economics, fashion, geography, history, linguistics, philosophy, phonetics, political science, sociology, tourism and more.

Learn more about Central College Abroad in Paris.

Art and Culture in Leiden

On the Leiden summer art and culture program students take art courses which have weekly assignments that eventually lead to their final project. The final project then is presented to all the students and staff and may take a variety of forms. Students have done everything from three dimensional works to projected sequences of digital picture files with accompanying music. The projects are assessed on each student’s level and the amount of development they have gone through during the course of the summer program. Here we highlight past student, Emily Terndrup, as she shares about her final art project — a refined set of drawings.

Who: Emily Terndrup
Major: Modern Dance; University of Utah, 2011
Semester Abroad: Leiden, the Netherlands; summer 2009

Central College Abroad photo
One of Emily's final works this summer in Leiden

Final Leiden Summer Project:
In Leiden I chose to focus on Photography and Drawing. I had a good deal of past drawing experience, but was out of practice, and had never taken a formal photography course. Over the course of the program, the instructors encouraged us to find a "character" (which could have been anything) to work with in all of our classes and to consider during the final project. The "character" I eventually chose was the mythological Fates — three sisters that supposedly spun each person a thread of life and then cut it at the moment of death.

For my final project, I created three portraits of imaginary people and drew several small scenes into their clothing, representing the predestined places they would spend time or events that would occur in their life. I framed each drawing in black and sewed a thick gold thread of varying length next to each- symbolizing the mythical 'thread of life' spun for each person.

From the final project, I grew technically in terms of drawing realistic figures and was able to experiment with concepts of graphic design.

The summer program in Leiden was a fantastic experience. I learned so much about the culture, the history, and the people of the Netherlands. I think that the program helped me grow as an artist by teaching me new skills and how to use those skills in creative ways, and by simply exposing me to tons of art in every medium, in every style. I learned a lot by walking through the museums we toured and hearing our instructors speak about different pieces. Overall, it was just a wonderful program.

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