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Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2009

Hello friends of Central College Abroad! This newsletter, released the second Tuesday of every month, is intended to keep you in touch with what’s happening with Central College Abroad’s programs across the globe.

Watch the sunrise on Central College Abroad’s Merida, Mexico, program.
Watch the sunrise on Central College Abroad’s Merida, Mexico, program.

New in summer 2010: Ghana

Central College Abroad is excited to announce a new summer program in Ghana starting in 2010! This four-week program will focus on the history and the performing arts of Ghana. Students will reside in residence halls located at the University of Ghana Legon campus, which is only 13 kilometers from Ghana’s capital, Accra. As with all of Central’s programs, excursions are an integral part of a student’s experience. Students will learn about Ghanaian culture through excursions taking them to the National Theatre of Ghana, Kumasi, and of course visits to many forts and castles. Sam Mate-Kodjo, Central College associate professor of Spanish, will lead the new Ghana program. Mate-Kodjo, originally from Ghana, is a graduate of the University of Ghana Legon and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program.

Walk on a rope walkway through the treetops in a rainforest in Ghana.
Experience the rainforest from Ghana's famous canopy walk.

“I am really pleased that a program in Africa is finally available,” said Mate-Kodjo, faculty director of the Ghana program. “It will bring balance to the international education opportunities of Central College and provide support for the international studies program. I think it comes at a time of opportunity for the college and our students.

“As somebody originally from Ghana, it will give me a chance to share some of the wonderful arts and cultural experiences that I had as a young student at the University of Ghana.”

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Students will visit the historically significant Elmina Castle located at the first European settlement in West Africa.
Students will visit the historically significant Elmina Castle located at
the first European settlement in West Africa.

Alumni Spotlight

Adam DobozeWho: Adam Doboze
Major: Spanish, French, political science; Hartwick College
Semester Abroad: Granada, Spain; fall 2005, Paris, France; fall 2006

Memorable experience: My most interesting experience while studying abroad in Spain was a trip to Morocco. I stayed with a host family and would say that I got the "full cultural experience." Upon returning to Spain, I witnessed the hostility of the Spanish-Moroccan border, which prompted me to write my Spanish dissertation on illegal Moroccan immigration in Spain.

How going abroad has helped: Following my study abroad in France, I interned at the Canadian Parliament and requested (and was granted) placement with a Francophone Member of the House of Commons, which allowed me to build upon my knowledge of the French language. Currently I wait tables on the weekends while attending graduate school full-time at Seton Hall University. I use Spanish at work to interact with my co-workers, most of which are Hispanic. Every now and then I return to home in upstate New York near the Canadian border where I occasionally get the opportunity to speak French. Because I am only in my first of two years of graduate school, I haven't begun looking for careers yet, but having a language background in Spanish and French has sure helped with internship opportunities.

Adam Doboze traveling in Spain
Adam Doboze traveling in Spain

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New agreement with Zhejiang University

Central College Abroad is delighted to announce the signing of a new affiliation agreement with Zhejiang University. Central has an historical relationship with Zhejiang University, stretching back over 20 years. The two main foundations of the relationship have been the location of the university for Central’s Hangzhou program and the annual scholar agreement, whereby a member of the Zhejiang faculty comes to Central’s campus to teach for a year.

The new agreement embodies both of these relationships and also paves the way for areas of greater cooperation in the future, such as faculty exchanges. The agreement was signed on the university’s behalf by the deans of the International College and the School of International Studies — Ding Jianmin and He Lianzhen respectively — and on Central’s behalf by Eric Sneddon, director of international operations.

He Lianzhen and Eric Sneddon signing the new affiliation agreement.
He Lianzhen and Eric Sneddon signing the new affiliation agreement.

The agreement comes at an appropriate time with Central’s new Hangzhou director, Li Shumin, drawn from the university’s faculty and a former teaching scholar at Central. Preparations for the fall semester are well in hand, including the acquisition and equipping a new, larger office and study area, as well as revisions to classes and excursions and the expansion of internship opportunities.

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Art history internship in Leiden, the Netherlands

Micole OgletreeWho: Micole Van Walbeek Ogletree
Major: Art history; museum studies certificate; University of Iowa 2007
Semester Abroad: Leiden, spring 2006
Current Job: Associate collections manager at the University of Alaska Museum of the North in the ethnology and history department

Memorable internship: I had an internship at the Leiden American Pilgrim Museum under the supervision of the museum's director, Jeremy Bangs. Before the pilgrims came to America they lived in Leiden for a few years. A lot of people that are trying to trace their roots and lineage to the pilgrims, come to Leiden to do research. The museum is located in a building dating back to 1375 and is set up to show people how the pilgrim's would have lived in the 1600s. The historical house is full of 17th century Dutch artifacts typical of what an average person would have used during that time period. The visitor is not only immersed in Dutch life of the pilgrims, but they are also able to sit in 17th century chairs, touch 17th century objects … stuff that is forbidden in most museums. Since the museum is very small and only had a few visitors a day, the director modeled my museum internship after a class. He taught me proper ways of cataloging objects, object handling, security measures of a small museum, opening and closing procedures, pretty much everything you need to know to run a small historical museum. Some days he would let me run the place myself and act as the docent for any visitors ... American or Dutch! My "final project" for my internship was to purchase a 17th century Dutch print to add to the museum's collection. The print had to relate to pilgrim life in Leiden and I had to justify my purchase.

How going abroad has helped: My internship in Leiden definitely prepared me for my job today. With my current job, I work with objects belonging to the Alaska Native cultures in addition to objects related to the history of Alaska. Every day I utilize the skills that Mr. Bangs taught during my internship such as cataloging objects, proper object handling and working with the public. I am also able to compare what it is like working in a small historical museum with a staff of two people to working in a major museum with huge collections and staff. Everybody is always impressed when I tell them about my internship in Leiden. It was definitely a once in a life time experience!

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New Web site launched for Vandon House

Vandon House Hotel, owned by Central College, announces the launch of a new Web site showcasing updated rooms, amenities and helpful information about its great location in central London. Vandon House is located in the heart of central London near some of London’s top attractions including Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament and the Tate Britain Art Gallery. On the Web site you can also find information on rooms, facilities, groups, meetings, and you can even enquire about staying at Vandon House.

Vandon House is home to Central College Abroad students studying in London. However, outside of the semester schedule, Vandon House is open for students and visitors to stay and has great facilities for classes and meetings. In the past, Vandon House has been extremely popular with summer high school and college study abroad groups. This has to do with Vandon’s location, affordability, safety, wireless internet, continental breakfast, laundry facilities and classroom. Rooms are available for groups mid-May through August and late December through January. Smaller groups of 10 or less can stay at most times of the year.

Vandon House is located in the heart of London, only two blocks from the Queen of England!
Vandon House is located in the heart of London, only two blocks from the Queen of England!

If you are going to London and are interested in staying at Vandon House or are taking a student group to London and need a place for the whole group to stay for a reasonable price, check out the new Web site at For more details please contact the hotel manager Victoria Kacheche at

Learn more about Vandon House and Central College Abroad in London.

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