Coffee time with Shane

Shane Gansen, a senior at Central College, studied in London fall 2012 and landed a unique internship with the help of Assistant Resident Director Jen Pollard. 

When Gansen spoke with Pollard about what he was looking for with an internship in London, he specifically told her that he was interested in small business management, entrepreneurship and was passionate about coffee.  After calling coffee shops all over London, Pollard was able to acquire an internship for Gansen in “The Coffeesmiths Collective.”

One day a week, Gansen worked directly with the CEO, Tim Ridely, on various projects. One of the biggest projects he had the opportunity to work on was revamping their online store. This project allowed him to learn about many coffee making products and the creation of a website while also giving him the autonomy to make important decisions. He, also, worked behind the counter one day a week, alongside the employees making coffee drinks.

Gansen exclaimed, “I met a ton of amazing people and made some friends. I also got the chance to learn from top notch baristas!”

Gansen praises the knowledge he gained at his internship. The greatest aspect he drew from his experience was the notion of having to step out of his comfort zone and have confidence in himself.  He advises others to “be specific in what you want from an internship and share your interests with Jen. She does an amazing job finding internships and will do her best to hit all your criteria.”


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Shane Gansen, London fall 2012
Shane Gansen, London fall 2012