From English to...Welsh?

Students who study abroad frequently discuss the challenges the language barrier can bring; how it can be both a positive and a negative. For Jesse Blauw, a Central College junior studying in Bangor, Wales, Welsh proves to be a very unique experience.

“I thought it was practically non-existent, but I learned that the language is spoken by about 700,000 people,” says Blauw. Wanting to get the most out of his semester experience in the idyllic and picturesque country of Wales, Blauw decided to enroll, along with half of his fellow program students, in the Basic Welsh language class that is offered through Bangor University. “I have always enjoyed learning new languages, so I figured, why not try Welsh?”

Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, the director for the Bangor program, mentions the increased popularity among students who study in Bangor and their interest in the Welsh class. Not only does it offer an interesting approach to Welsh culture and society, but it also gives students three easily transferable credits, what’s not to like? Wanting to showcase a sampling of his Welsh, Blauw has provided some simple phrases that can be found below:

Bore da – Good morning

Nos da – Good night

S’mae – Hello

Dwi’n dysgu Cymraeg– I am learning Welsh

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Bangor program students on an excursion to the Aran Islands.
Bangor program students on an excursion to the Aran Islands.