Parliament Calling

Passport? Check. Plane ticket? Check. Visa? Check. Background check? Check!

Who knew that going to London required a background check? Well, it was all just in a day’s work for Central College junior Emily Rouse as she prepared to take on an internship at British Parliament. Equivalent to snagging an internship in the United States Congress, Rouse’s Parliament journey was just beginning.

After narrowing down her options for study abroad programs to London, Rouse knew what she wanted out of her four months abroad—an internship at Parliament. The budding lawyer was excited to gain experience that would be relevant for law school in the future.

It was hectic and overwhelming trying to remember things,” she says. “My supervisor told me to get lost the first few days. He told me to get lost and find the library and return a book. An hour and half later, I would show up after finding it!”

Returning library books wasn’t her only job. Rouse worked on everything from database organization and stuffing envelopes to writing letters to constituents. Her MP, Bridget Phillipson, who was elected in 2010 from the Labour Party, was often around the office and took her to sit in on meetings. And Rouse…well, she was star-struck.

“If you want to do foreign relations, law, politics or anything related, there is not a better way to get integrated than in Parliament,” says Rouse.


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The Parliament complex in Westminster, London
The Parliament complex in Westminster, London