Bangor Alum to Attend Graduate School Abroad

Few students decide to continue their higher education abroad. But Shelby DeMeulenaere will be doing just that when she begins graduate school in Bangor, Wales, shortly after graduation in May.

A graduating senior at Central College in Pella, DeMeulenaere has enjoyed two portions of her four-year undergraduate career immensely: psychology and her semester abroad this past fall in Wales. “Bangor is a beautiful place. I loved the country and the landscape, but I especially miss the people I met,” says DeMeulenaere.

She knows just how much of an eye-opening experience study abroad was for her. “You learn to adapt to cultural surroundings while also benefiting academically through amazing opportunities offered to you. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Spurred by a combination of love of Wales, the people and her pursuit of further education, DeMeulenaere decided to apply for a spot in Bangor University’s psychology graduate program. “There is an abundance of research, which is something that Bangor is known for, and a strong emphasis is placed on neuropsychology.” DeMeulenaere is thrilled she will be going back to continue her experience and academic pursuits at her international home away from home.

Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, resident director for the Bangor program, has seen an increase in student interest in graduate school in Bangor. “Over the years, I've found that a few of the students who come on the program want to return to grad school here, particularly in the School of Psychology. This is one of the most awarded and highly regarded Schools of Psychology in Europe, and students learn this pretty quickly.”

Anxious to get your journey started? Apply to study in Bangor today!

DeMeulenaere with flatmates in Bangor
DeMeulenaere with flatmates in Bangor