A Royal Abdication

In January, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced she would be stepping down as queen regnant of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This announcement of abdication had been expected for some time by many of her subjects. She has held power since her mother, Queen Juliana, abdicated her reign in 1980.

Nathan Graves ’14, a Central College student currently studying abroad in Leiden, appreciates being able to experience this change, saying, “It’s kind of a big deal. The people love the queen, and to have this happen while I am in the country is pretty interesting!” Graves joins the Dutch people in looking to what the future will hold for the Netherlands.

Queen Beatrix will relinquish rule of the kingdom to her son, the heir apparent, Willem Alexander, who will be the first King of the Netherland since William III ruled more than a century ago.