Dreaming of a semester in Granada, Spain

Paige Engelhardt, an engineering student at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill., is currently studying abroad in Granada, Spain.

Making study abroad a part of your college career is not always an easy task, especially as an engineering student. However, Paige Engelhardt demonstrates that anything is possible.  

 As soon as she entered Bradley as a freshman, she mapped out a plan that would allow her to complete her engineering degree and study in Granada, Spain, for a semester. She would focus on courses in her major while in the United States and save her core requirements to complete abroad. To get ahead in classes, she has dual-enrolled at Bradley and a local community college. Although it has been a challenge, she says “it is without a doubt worth the opportunity to study abroad in Spain for a semester.”

Refusing to let her Spanish proficiency slip away, she has been studying Spanish workbooks and interactive online learning activities in her spare time. Her desire to explore Spain and her love of the language propels her forward.

After all her hard work, Engelhardt is excited to immerse herself in the Spanish culture and practice her speaking skills. She knows that not only is she enhancing her resume, but she will be creating experiences that will impact her life forever. In the future she hopes to find a career that will allow her to use both her engineering skills, as well as her love for the Spanish language and culture.