Music is the International Language

Megan Sterzinger, of Carthage College in Wisconsin, studied in Bangor, Wales, in fall 2011.

Music has always played a substantial role in For Megan Sterzinger’s life. But she never knew how much music would impact her experience abroad.

 “Basically any memory I have from the semester involves music,” Sterzinger said. She found music on street corners in the Netherlands, pumping out of pubs in Ireland, wafting out of Morrison’s grocery store and whispering down High Street. Music was even a part of Outdoor Pursuits. Sterzinger and a friend serenaded the group with Disney’s A Whole New World during a camping trip.

Sterzinger encountered music not only in the streets but also back on campus. She was part of the Bangor University Chamber Choir during her time in Wales and took multiple classes in the Music School of Bangor University to complete her music degree.

To pay homage to her experience in Wales, Sterzinger decided to incorporate a Welsh lullaby into her senior recital. She said of singing the lullaby, “It meant the world to be able to share a tiny piece of my experience with my friends and family. I will never forget my semester spent in Bangor, nor will I forget the music that is locked in my heart.”

Megan Sterzinger sings Suo Gan, a Welsh lullaby.

Sterzinger at Llyn Idwal (Lake Idwal) in Snowdonia National Park
Sterzinger at Llyn Idwal (Lake Idwal) in Snowdonia National Park