London Housing at a Glance

Students in England this fall are pioneers in London housing. They are the first CCA students to live at Woburn Place in the Bloomsbury district.

The new residence is in the heart of London’s academic community. Students from the surrounding university mill about in all of the numerous parks, holding philosophical conversations on street corners, bustling to their next class or perusing one of the many of the shops in the area.

In the Bloomsbury district, students can find grocery stores, scrumptious sandwich cafes, endless coffee shops, pubs, Thai food, Mexican restaurants and a couple fabulous bookstores, and all within a five-minute walk of Woburn Place. The proximity to the University of London’s Memorial Union means that students will have a better opportunity to become involved in clubs, organizations and teams, giving them a chance to meet local students.

London students cook their own meals, and Woburn Place includes fully equipped kitchen facilities. Kitchens, lounges, study nooks and common areas are all shared facilities. Our students will be sharing a room with one other student in the Central College Abroad London program.

Jen Pollard, assistant director of the London program, said of the new location, “I'm always noticing the calm, the greenery and the community. It's very safe!”

Discover Woburn Place, and explore Bloomsbury District in London, England.

A few different rooms in Woburn Place
A few different rooms in Woburn Place